Wonder Why Your Life Is Crumbling? Politics of Course – Pelosi and Sanders Admit COVID Relief Blocked to Help Biden Win


    Nancy Pelosi is a monstrous human being, for a number of reasons. She’s been pretending to have the best interests of the American people in mind for some time now. Her most recent admittance should have the nation ready to riot but the leftists have yet to rise up. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?

    She admitted that Americans did not receive COVID relief recently because it was a political play. As if this were not enough, Bernie Sanders has also entered the fray. He is echoing the sentiments that have been expressed by Pelosi. They have both been saying the quiet part loud for quite some time now and there is no end in sight.

    Sanders does seem to realize that this was a major error, which is something that is lost on Pelosi. You know what isn’t lost on us? The fact that Congressional members are still being paid on their normal schedule, while millions of Americans face evictions. Sanders visited with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday and confirmed the suspicions.

    “You talked about that 1.8 trillion dollar bill that the White House, Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary, was working on with the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats walked away from that bill,” said Tapper. “That’s right!” Sanders proudly bellowed. As you can see, he is quite pleased with himself for what he and his party have done.

    “Because [Democrats] wanted 2.2 trillion and they walked away from 1.8 trillion. Was that a mistake?” Tapper inquired. Sanders did not miss a beat. “That’s what I’m saying! Exactly what I’m saying! Here was a proposal, much, much larger. Democrats said, no, not good enough and now we are prepared to accept a proposal which has, I think, $350 billion in new money and which has, we believe, I believe to the best of my knowledge, corporate immunity language as well,” he replied.

    Senator Ted Cruz wasted no time sharing the video of this interview with his followers on Twitter. GOP heavies like Cruz are going to want to let their constituents know what they are up against. “WATCH: Even Bernie Sanders acknowledges much of the pain Americans across the country are facing now could have been avoided had Democrats come to the table when Republicans tried to pass targeted COVID19 relief back in September,” said Cruz.

    Why is Bernie Sanders only willing to admit to this now? If he really cared about the American people as much as he has been claiming these past few years, he wouldn’t have allowed this to happen. All of the leftists who put him and Pelosi on a pedestal ought to be feeling pretty stupid at the moment.

    The Democrats have now put their cards on the table. They decided that it was more important to deprive the American people than to help them. As long as they were able to successfully ram Biden down everyone’s throats, that’s all that they really cared about. Bernie has been claiming that he will fight the system for some time now but nothing has happened yet.

    He and Pelosi have done a great job of convincing the liberal thinkers in this country that they have their back. Now, these people do not know where their next meal is coming from or whether they are going to be able to pay rent (or their mortgage). This is exactly what we would have expected from someone who laid down and allowed Hillary Clinton to steal an election from him.

    He didn’t have any fight then and he doesn’t have any fight now. This provides little solace for Americans who are facing a long, brutal winter without jobs or government assistance. The Democrats are supposed to be the party that focuses on empathy for their fellow man, though. Apparently, that all goes out the window once they have a chance to stick it to President Trump. What an entirely predictable turn of events.


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