Why Was the FBI Director Helping the Biden’s Hide Their Crimes? New Report Shows He’s Implicated Himself


Before rising to his current rank as FBI director, Christopher Wray had a totally different gig. He served as a representative for a Russian energy company beforehand but from the looks of it? Wray did not share any of this information with anyone else. Why did this man decide to keep this very simple information under wraps?

The information was in Wray’s biography at King and Spalding but the data was soon removed. It’s as if Wray put in a few calls and decided that there was no reason for it to become public. If he had nothing to hide, it’s hard to believe that he would have taken the same route. He’s clearly guilty about the past life he led and this is his way of compensating for that.

His resume claims that he “helped lead the Department’s efforts to address the wave of corporate fraud scandals and restore integrity to U.S. financial markets”. We are not quite sure how he managed to restore that precious integrity but we are all ears in the meantime. What we do know is that then FBI Director Bob Mueller and crooked Andrew Weissmann were reporting to Wray during the Enron investigation.

These are the same men who are also responsible for handling the Russian collusion investigations. They wanted to destroy Donald Trump in the same manner that they destroyed Enron and this should be obvious to anyone who is paying even a little bit of attention. The Wray bio also brings a few more important pieces of information to light.

Wray has represented a company president in a criminal investigation by Russian authorities and that is a fact. He also represented the New Jersey governor who was being investigated due to George Washington Bridge toll lane closings. It’s pretty interesting to us, that is for sure. Maybe there are some people out there who are perfectly okay with these behaviors.

It’s clear as day to see that he wanted the information kept under wraps. Someone should have told him that the internet does not ever forget anything. If it has been posted, it can be brought up again. Nothing ever really vanishes and the Wayback Machine has caught up to Wray and his cronies yet again.

Of course, we already know that Wray and Governor Chris Christie are the best of pals. Christie is the one who told Donald Trump that Wray would make for a good FBI director. Do these two think that we have forgotten all of that so quickly? Wray is already making matters even worse with his willingness to look the other way on the current election.

It was stolen right in front of our faces and you would think that an FBI director might do something about that eventually. The 2020 election was as corrupt as possible but no true authorities wanted to step in. Instead, the task of cleaning up that colossal mess was left to the president and the brave patriots who are still willing to stand by his side through thick and thin.

Nothing is being done and no suspects have been taken into custody. There is a mountain of evidence for Wray to work with but he could not care less. This aligns with his past fairly well, though. We guess that we should not have expected anything good from someone who has a very long history of being on the wrong side of things. He’s also linked to Uranium One, which is associated with the corrupt Clinton family.

“Rosneft and Rosatom signed a Cooperation Agreement at St Petersburg International Economic Forum. The document was signed in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin by Rosneft Management Board Chairman Igor Sechin and Rosatom General Director Sergey Kirienko,” according to Rosneft. The likelihood that Wray himself is linked to Uranium One seems pretty high. The idea that he would strike up this type of partnership while working in the private sector is tough to swallow.


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