Who Would Have Thought? New Evidence Unearthed Showing Biden Crime Family Colluding With China to Win 2020 Elections


    The Biden mafia syndicate has been in the news a lot lately. People are uncovering more and more of their dirty deeds every day. They have been in cahoots with the Chinese Communist Party for some time now as well. Now, these connections are coming to light and the extent is rather disturbing.

    They were colluding with the CCP, in hopes of keeping President Trump from being able to win the 2020 elections. The story begins with the Hunter Biden laptop. He brought said laptop to a repair shop and from there, he never came back for it. According to the agreement that Hunter signed with the PC repairman, the laptop now belongs to the repair shop.

    Since Hunter did not bring the laptop back home, it is now the shop’s to do what they want with it. Over the course of the past few months, experts have been taking a closer look at the computer. As you would have expected, some of the findings are rather alarming. Numerous details about his personal life and the Biden family have come to light.

    The younger Biden even backed up his text messages. Pictures and videos of a salacious nature were kept. This man was dumb enough to hold onto a stash of pictures and videos of himself in all sorts of compromising positions. He was doing drugs with prostitutes and he did not seem to care if the people who were fixing his laptop saw all of it.

    It’s an amazing lack of self-awareness but this is what we have come to expect from the Biden family. Some of the sex tapes that he made with his partners were even uploaded publicly. Hunter put the sex tapes up on PornHub, which is exactly the sort of thing one does when their father is in the process of trying to win a general election.

    The good folks over at Illustrated Primer have all of the information that you need. They took a closer look at the laptop and they are now sharing their findings. “Hidden between tens of thousands of emails, IMs, documents, videos, sound recordings, and encrypted files is a collection of communications between Hunter Biden and one JiaQi,” said Yaacov Appelbaum.

    “JiaQi, AKA JaiQi Bao, AKA Jiaqi Wang, AKA Jiaqi Wang Bao, AKA Wang Bao Jiaqi, AKA Qinping Bao, AKA TianTian Bo, was Ye Jianming’s US-based assistant/advisor.  If you don’t recall the cast of characters in this Chinese finger puzzle, Ye Jianming, was the chairman of the China Huaxin energy conglomerate and Hunter’s and Jim Biden’s business partner.

    Ye Jianming and his US-based staff worked closely with Chinese intelligence which controlled large parts of the strategy, funding, and overseas operations of CEFC and another of Biden’s Chinese joint ventures named Bohai Harvest RST (BHR),” he continued.

    Appelbaum also provides additional photos and information on his website. “Following traditional honeypot tactics, JiaQi was used to sweeten Hunter’s already saccharin laced business engagement with CEFC. She kept an eye on Hunter from her base in NYC and acted as a cutout between the overseas Chinese officials and the Bidens. In one alluring communication JiaQi wrote:

    “…regarding the delivery of your doggie chain and holiday/birthday package. I safely kept your belonging for you as promised. I don’t think it is appropriate to drop off to a third party given the risk of miscommunication as happened in the past. How about I will either deliver it to you in person at your convenience or FedEx to a designated address where you can receive it directly?” he shared.

    The dog tags that Hunter was wearing are the ones she was referring to. In addition to having a sexual relationship with JiaQi, they shared information about the upcoming election. It’s easy to see that the family was colluding with the Chinese and the evidence is only going to continue to pile up. Shame on Hunter for betraying his country like this.


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