What the Left Really Thinks About Americans! SNL Mocks Americans Desperate to Get Back to Work (Video)


    The COVID-19 lockdowns have destroyed public life as we know it in the year 2020. Various businesses are being forced to close their doors. Things are getting ugly, as more and more people are standing up to the lockdown orders. Many readers have probably seen the story about the bar on Staten Island that would not close, causing a huge ruckus to take place.

    The bar has lots and lots of supporters. You wouldn’t know if you took a closer look at the latest in liberal entertainment, though. Saturday Night Live was once a premier sketch comedy show. Like so many other liberal institutions, they have allowed themselves to become seduced by the cheap thrills associated with taunting conservative thinkers.

    The worst part of all is that this took place in front of a live studio audience. How did they manage to weasel around the COVID-19 protocols? According to reports, they are able to do so because they are paying audience members to attend. The fact that they think these subject matters are grounds for mockery is a lot to wrap our minds around.

    Pete Davidson is a native of Staten Island. Most know him best for his work on Saturday Night Live and various stand-up comedy specials. This would be a time for him to stand in solidarity with his home borough. Instead, Davidson chose to kick his local small business owners while they were down.

    “The bar, shockingly, is in a neighborhood with the second-highest COVID infections in all of New York, so the rule is that they’re supposed to let people eat or drink outside, and the owner said no one wants to do that because they’ll go out of business,” Davidson said. He went on to make hacky jokes about the same Staten Islanders that he grew up.

    “So I take it you found these protests frustrating?” co-host Colin Jost asked. Davidson did not miss a beat. “Yeah, man, they’re making us look like babies,” he replied. He advocated for everyone to stay put in the meantime. It’s pretty ironic that he said this from the set of his job but common sense is not that man’s strong suit.

    Davidson made a crack during the monologue about landing in the crosshairs of people on Twitter and he should have prepared for this particular instance. People were predictably displeased with his silly rambling. “Meanwhile every person who works on Broadway is out of luck until June 2021 even though, ya know, sitting in the audience at a show vs at SNL is the same thing. Guess they can’t pay $150 to each audience member,” said Karol Markowicz.

    “Pete Davidson makes $315,000/year to say dumb jokes and call people who lost their businesses to lockdowns ‘babies’ on SNL,” Pardes Seleh said. Saturday Night Live used to be one of our favorite shows but if we are being honest? It hasn’t made us laugh on a consistent basis in a really long time. This has nothing to do with any of the show’s political leanings either.

    Now that they have drawn their line in the sand, it is going to be much easier to ignore them in the future. No one wants to be told what to think and feel by a bunch of comedians who play games of pretend for a living. Davidson’s behavior is particularly galling when you stop to realize that he is taking direct aim at people that he literally grew up with.

    It’s a story as old as time. Liberals don’t grow up acting this way. They wait until they have left the neighborhoods that cared for them to show their true colors. We can’t begin to imagine the level of hurt that these business owners must feel at the moment. When you have to watch your native son trash you for laughs on Saturday Night Live, it has to sting just a little bit. Our hearts go out to them.


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