Well, Cuomo Finally Admits to Being Incompetent


There’s always a moment in every story where the villain finally gets his. That time has come in New York when Andrew Cuomo has finally admitted to being incompetent.

What’s amusing is that he’s so incompetent that he doesn’t even realize what he’s said about his own leadership.

In his effort to blame the Trump administration and everyone else on Capitol Hill for the handling of the pandemic, he included himself in the blame game. “Incompetent government killed people,” he says.

Yes, Governor Cuomo, you did. Your incompetence resulted in how many people in nursing homes being killed? 10,000? 15,000? We may never know the full extent of the people he killed since he doesn’t want to release those numbers.

Cuomo can’t say that it was an incompetent government that killed people without including himself. As the governor of New York, the state with the second-highest COVID-19 death rate, he has to accept blame for his poor decisions.

Trump was honest from the beginning – he didn’t know how to handle a global pandemic. The CDC was changing their minds on how to proceed almost daily. Meanwhile, WHO didn’t offer any solutions, either.

So, Trump left the majority of the decisions to be made by the individual states. Essentially, do what you think is best.

When the power was shifted to the states, it was each governor for themselves. If there was any incompetence, it was the governor of the state in question, not Trump.

Wait, shouldn’t Cuomo have everything under control? The egotistical man wrote a book saying that he had all the answers. He explained that he learned his lessons and guided his state through the pandemic. He applauded his leadership skills.

What leadership skills would those be, exactly? Cuomo made bad decisions. He spent too much money. He tried to take away American freedoms. Oh, and he killed people with those decisions.

In an interview with MSNBC, Cuomo not only admitted that incompetence kills people but that “ More people died than needed to die in COVID.”

That’s right, Cuomo. More people died than needed to because you’re an incompetent governor.

Yet, he doesn’t see it that way. He’ll blame Trump. He’ll blame Biden. He’ll blame anyone but himself because he has such a God complex that he believes that he is the second-coming for everyone living in New York.

Many of the lockdown measures imposed by Governor Cuomo has led to the loss of thousands of small businesses and millions of jobs. So, it’s not just people dying – it’s the state’s economy.

The incompetence of running the economy has to fall squarely on Cuomo’s shoulders. Although all states have experienced at least some loss, only New York and California are flailing – and it’s only fair to point out that both are Democrats.

They’re waiting for a bailout. They want the federal government to come in and fix the problem so that they don’t actually have to lead. It’s yet another way that they’re proving that they’re incompetent.

One would think that New York may actually be able to get on track now that Cuomo has figured out the problem. An incompetent government is the reason for all of the problems that New York is facing.

It’s why there are so many deaths.

It’s why the economy is crashing.

It’s why businesses are closing.

And it’s why the vaccine rollout is such a mess.

However, Cuomo is unable to see his own flaws. He has failed New York so completely and utterly that it’s enough for all of America to shed a single tear for the state. Will he step down? No. He’s blaming it all on Trump. He thinks that things are going to magically change now that Biden is in office.

Biden’s not the governor of New York, though. He’s the president. Cuomo still has to do his job, and that’s where the real problem lies.


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