Trump Promises to Declassify Everything Before Leaving Office


The fight rages on even after the Supreme Court decided not to look into the lawsuit brought by Texas. President Trump continues the fight over the rigged election. No one is denying that the election was stagged because the evidence proving the lies and the fraudulent methods of the Democrats is evident. And now that deeds have been done, the president is ready to bring down the liberals because they are corrupt and vicious.

In a tweet, the president stated that he was planning on releasing all the classified information that proves Hunter Biden is a crook. It even appears that Attorney General William Barr was keeping information from people that connected the business dealings of Hunter Biden with his foreign friends.

Hunter Biden admitted again that he is being investigated. He is being examined because there are some issues with his taxes and income from the crooked Burisma. The son of Biden learned all too well how to be a crook from his father.

The Wall Street Journal is quoted as revealing that “Attorney General William Barr has known about a disparate set of investigations involving Hunter Biden’s business and financial dealings since at least this spring, a person familiar with the matter said and worked to avoid their public disclosure during the heated election campaign.”

Of course, the person they quote is not being revealed. This one-story needed to come out before the election. Social media and others would never have reported that the Biden family name is full of corruption and crime.

The liberal Washington Times finally broke their silence and said that “Justice Department guidelines prohibit disclosing or opening politically-charged investigations within 60 days of a presidential election. It’s possible that Mr. Barr was worried of running afoul of that rule.”

The president has every right to be angry with how things concerning the demented Democrats and Biden family are being handled. The family’s corruption would have been enough to keep Biden from the White House, even if he cheated more than he already did.

The Journal came out and stated that “Mr. Trump, in a meeting Friday, fumed about a Wall Street Journal report that Mr. Barr knew of an existing federal investigation into Hunter Biden before the election but worked to keep it from being publicly disclosed, a person familiar with the conversation said. In the meeting, Mr. Trump contemplated firing Mr. Barr, people familiar with the conversation said, adding that it is not clear whether Mr. Trump intends to follow through.”

President Trump plans on releasing all the documents related to the Biden family. It is time for the world to know the truth. President Trump blasted out that “IF Biden gets in, nothing will happen to Hunter or Joe. Barr will do nothing, and the new group of partisan killers coming in will quickly kill it all.”

It is a matter of time before the Democrats are exposed. There are many things that the public has the right to know about their criminal liberal politicians. Everyone wants to know about their involvement with the 2016 push to pin collusion on the president when he had nothing to do with it. They want to know why the Biden’s are getting away with financial murder. And the list goes on.

The president has a plan to keep Biden busy in the opening months if he takes office. President Trump has the duty and right to appoint special counsels to look into the matters that the people have the right to know about. At least those special appointments would be able to keep Biden in line.

The president is all about law and order. Justice needs to be served against the Biden family. The crooked men are corrupt, and the evidence is overwhelming. President Trump is within his right as the president to bring Biden to his knees.

Only honest and upright people should ever serve in politics. But the Democrats have opened the doors to fraud and corruption to reign in their party. It is up to the president to ensure that the Biden’s pay with their integrity since they are so good at hiding their crimes.


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