Trump Followers Are Not Violent Like the Loony Left– Why Not?


    Democratic liberals are widely known for the violent overtures. They have no issues with flocking to the streets and harming innocent people while looting their stores and homes. In some extreme cases, they have fired a shot that took the life of a bystander that had nothing to do with why they were rioting. Their actions are theirs alone.

    The Republican Party has yet to mimic the sinful actions of the brainwashed left. Their calm demeanor is seen every time they engage the left with the truth. Even when things get out of control, only enough force is used to stop the violence. That cannot be said of the liberals that beat a man while unconscious and rob him once they are done.

    Every person that hates President Trump has taken to the streets in a violent parade. Yet when compared with their peaceful opposition, there is nothing that is found to be uniting between the two groups.

    President Trump has been wrongfully attacked at every turn by the liberal left. Year after year, the pile of false accusations continues to build. If anyone had a reason to get angry, it would be his supporters. But that is not what they are doing because they believe that law and order is an integral part of being an American.

    The last Trump rally in Washington saw over a million people show up in mass. They were there to show their support for the president as he fought yet another scandal coming from the Democratic Party. They were there to protest the fraud that happened during the election.

    The liberals are guilty of illegal vote counting and electoral fraud. Crimes that will only define them for years to come.

    And yet, with millions of people in attendance, there was not one act of violence or destruction of public or private property. Once the rally was finished, everyone simply packed up and went home.

    The crimes of the left stink. Everyone can smell the dead rat that is being pushed around the room. The left was able to stop the vote count from taking place during the night of the election; they were able to kick out the Republican poll watchers and much more. The worst part of their fraud was the deliberate addition of over half a million Biden votes from fake ballots.

    They brought those ballots into the counting rooms late into the night and then saw to it that they were removed before anyone could ever find the fake votes. The Republican Party saw a red wave starting, and that scared the liberals to death. They moved quickly to put a stop to it.

    There is no reason why Joe Biden should have been declared the winner. He is a weak candidate with an unfavorable running mate. For all practical reasons, he should have lost big time.

    Nowhere are there any Trump supporters taking to the streets in a violent rampage. That is reserved for the crazy left. The only violence that took place on the day of the support rally came at the Trump haters’ hands. They showed up and started to beat people to death.

    Days before the election, businesses boarded up their windows because they were preparing for a liberal attack once again once the president would win. Communities know that the Democrats are the violent party. There would have been no reason for any of them to board up the windows if they even thought Biden was going to win.

    The vast majority of Americans want Trump back in the White House. The liberals just cannot stand to see progress and growth happening around them. The fight for the White House is not just a fight between parties. It is a fight for the future of the country.

    The Democrats want to destroy America, while the Republicans want to save it. And what is really sad about the fraud is that it is happening again in Georgia as the runoffs occur. More liberals are trying to register to vote in Georgia even though they do not live in the state.


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