TOXIC: That’s What It’s Like Working for Cuomo


Egotistical is a word that’s continuously used to describe Andrew Cuomo. As the governor of New York, the man operates based solely on what he wants to do. He’s even become a bestseller by lying to Americans about the amazing leadership that he took in order to handle COVID-19. Yes, the same COVID-19 that continues to plague the state and the rest of the country.

There’s another word that people are using to describe Governor Cuomo, too. Toxic. A former aide who worked in his office identified as the “most toxic workplace” she’s ever found herself working in.

That’s not surprising. It would likely be hard to work for someone with such a large ego. He doesn’t believe that he needs anyone’s advice. He’s capable of making all decisions. And if he makes a bad decision, like sending thousands of senior citizens to their death, he lies and blames others.

Apologize? Forget it. That shows weakness.

On Twitter, the question came up, “Name the worst job you’ve ever had.” Lindsey Boylan, who worked for the Cuomo administration for nearly four years starting in 2015, decided to answer the question.

She tweeted that the most toxic team environment was working for Cuomo and went as far as tagging him in the tweet. She also went on to say that people were “deathly afraid” of him.

Is it perhaps that Boylan simply never had other bad jobs to compare it with? Nope. She added in her job at Friendly’s when she was a teenager to add some perspective. Even when there were poorly tipping customers, it was an “infinitely more respectful” place to work.

But, wait…why haven’t we heard stories about Cuomo before? Well, she believes that more people would speak out if they weren’t so terrified of him. This certainly paints a new picture of Cuomo, though it’s not likely to surprise anyone.

Anyone who has lived in New York long enough remembers his father. And Andrew Cuomo isn’t much different. They’re both thugs. They rule based on their own sense of morals – and those aren’t the kind of morals that most Americans have.

Andrew Cuomo has made a lot of bad decisions, particularly throughout 2020. Has he apologized? Has he listened to the experts in order to improve? No to all. Instead, he writes a book about what an amazing guy he is. The ego is incredible, and now we know that to work for him would be to subject ourselves to a toxic workplace.

Lindsey Boylan already knows all about Cuomo. However, she’s also eager to show that not all Democrats are the same. She’s interested in becoming Manhattan’s borough president in 2021, though it’s a crowded field. She already tried to take down Nadler in the Democratic primaries but was unsuccessful at doing so.

Boylan isn’t the only one who has decided to speak up recently about Cuomo and how insufferable he is, either.

Alexis Grenell, a former aide to Cuomo who is now a media and political consultant, wrote a piece in The Nation about the governor. She destroyed him, calling him a “snarling attack dog” and saying that he “deploys staff to call his female critics ‘f—ing idiots.”

So, it turns out that everything that we ever thought about Cuomo is, in fact, backed up by real people who have worked for him. He’s not a nice guy, he’s not a decent human being to work with, and he has no idea how to run a state so that tens of thousands of people don’t die under his watch.

Andrew Cuomo isn’t up for reelection until 2022 – and there are likely a number of people who are ready to run against him. He already stated that he’ll be seeking re-election, though there are so many New Yorkers who are tired of hearing him and seeing him that it will be a cold day in hell before anyone decides to check his name on a ballot ever again.


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