They Think You Are Stupid: NYT Claims Nobody Ever Called Trump Illegitimate


Paul Krugman of the New York Times is one of the most insane columnists that we have ever had the displeasure of reading. It’s like every column is an attempt to top the craziness of the last one. His most recent piece for the Times is a real doozy. He laments the idea that so many conservative voters are unable to accept the Trump victory.

He even says that the Democrats were never willing to do the same things to Trump! It’s like he is trying to make us crazy at this point. There is a wide range of examples that prove him wrong. The best ones involve the man himself. Krugman does not care how much of a hypocrite he is. To him, it’s more important to pander to leftists than it is, to tell the truth.

Once you have the chance to take a closer look at the new column, you will see why we are ready to have an aneurysm. Try your best not to laugh or scream while you are reading this hogwash, okay? Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the latest pile of inane drivel that the New York Times has seen fit to print.

“When Joe Biden is inaugurated, he will immediately be confronted with an unprecedented challenge — and I don’t mean the pandemic, although Covid-19 will almost surely be killing thousands of Americans every day. I mean, instead, that he’ll be the first modern U.S. president trying to govern in the face of an opposition that refuses to accept his legitimacy. And no, Democrats, by and large, were not claiming Donald Trump was illegitimate, just that he was incompetent and dangerous.

It goes without saying that Donald Trump, whose conspiracy theories are getting wilder and wilder, will never concede, and that millions of his followers will always believe — or at least say they believe — that the election was stolen,” Krugman said. This man has the most audacity that we have seen in a long time and that is saying something.

The New York Times knew that they would have to cover their proverbial backsides here and they have provided a tiny correction. “An earlier version of this column referred imprecisely to Democratic attitudes toward Donald Trump. Some questioned his legitimacy, not all accepted it,” they said. Well, at least someone is willing to be honest.

We just want to know why they couldn’t have tossed this article in the trash from the beginning. It looks pretty insane to have to add a disclaimer that essentially discredits the whole thing as soon as it’s over. It’s like Paul Krugman does not realize that his statements do not vanish from the internet once he has decided that he’s had a change of heart.

Even the Democrats who reside on Twitter could not resist taking some shots at Krugman. “I’ve tried to make this suitable for framing, @PaulKrugman: 2017: “Now Mr. Lewis says that he won’t attend the inauguration of Donald Trump, whom he regards as an illegitimate president.” 2020: “And no, Democrats never said Donald Trump was illegitimate…” said Jeryl Bier.

Jimmy Carter and Hillary Clinton also led the chorus of lefties who were more than willing to call the Trump win illegitimate. The liberal media and the Democrats might think that we all have short memories but that is not the case. We remember all of the whining that we heard over the past four years. They can’t lie about it now, no matter how hard they might try. That includes you, Krugman.

The New York Times is one of the most complicit publications when it comes to the direction that the mainstream media has taken. Once upon a time, you knew where these writers’ hearts were but they would still be willing to remain somewhat objective. Now? You’re lucky if you get even a moment of honest commentary in the midst of all the griping.


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