The Results Are in…the Biggest Threat to America Is We the People


You know you’re doing something right if you have enemies. How many times have you heard this old and still true adage? The obvious problem here is that your enemies also believe themselves to be on the right side of whatever the dispute might be.

Even more so than Russia or Communist China, American’s now view the differences of opinions between Biden and Trump supporters to be the biggest threat this nation has ever faced. Each chosen side is mule-headed in its own right and the least amount of compromise in the wrong direction will earn the unforgivable offender a Benedict Arnold label.

A very recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Report shows that a resounding one-third of all registered Democrats and Republicans consider the other as the nation’s very top threat, with Biden supporters receiving more adverse votes than Trump supporters.

“U.S. voters now regard each other as a bigger enemy than Russia or North Korea and just as dangerous as China,” the analysis indicates. “Twenty-four percent of likely U.S. voters think Biden voters are America’s biggest enemy as 2020 draws to a close. The same number (24%) see China as enemy number one.”

A full 37% of Republicans “feel Biden voters are the biggest enemy, just edging the 34% who feel that way about China. In a reversal, 35% of Democrats “think Trump voters are the biggest threat, far and above the danger posed by all the others,” the survey read.

As far as Independent voters go, they answered the survey in the way one might have expected. “Voters not affiliated with either major party rate China, Biden voters and Trump voters all equal as threats.”

America is immersed in a plague of the non-medical variety. Friends on opposing political sides no longer care to know one another. Families have ousted and disowned their renegades. Though illegal, employers have become just inquisitive enough to determine an applicant’s political affiliation to determine whether or not they are a “right fit for the job.” Or they simply scroll their social media pages to gain better insight.

It’s a huge blow to the unity of America. The same unity Obama tore to shreds and Trump attempted to put back together. Now with Obama going into his third term via Joe Biden, and with Hillary Clinton no doubt chiming in from some backroom, whatever chance for unity we were impossibly hoping for is about to have its bandage ripped off.

As far as Russia, Communist China, North Korea, and Iran are concerned, life is good. They got what they wanted. It’s difficult to not believe how the intent of any nation that despises the red, white, and blue, wouldn’t do everything within their powers to disrupt America’s internal well-being.

These nations would like nothing better than to see the fall of the American empire. They sit silently perched like hungry vultures waiting for it to happen, with nary a shot ever being fired.

The only viable way remaining for us to keep these vultures at bay is to once again come together as a nation. Kind of like we did when the rubber hit the road following 9/11. America was one nation under God. Indivisible.

But can we do this? Is it too late for such a pipe dream? After all, Biden supporters tore Trump supporter’s new ones in the most disrespectful ways humanly possible without going to prison. Even before Biden raised his sleepy head the liberals were aiming poisonous daggers of hate at every red-hat they could find. And a great majority of conservatives took it on the chin not wanting to make a bad situation worse.

Just remember this one thing, and maybe, just maybe, internal peace may once again be restored in our country. If you are a conservative Republican who holds true to the many moral and religious values represented by your party, you are the complete opposite of the steam blowing, airheaded, crass, and often times vulgar citizens who are eating fodder and aimlessly roaming the pastures on the left. You. Are. Not. Them.

Nobody plans on joining hands in a huge circle with a bunch of daisy headed libs, and by this we mean, nobody. But why should the right resort to the same techniques that have had them vomiting for the past four years? We’ll tell you why. Because Republicans know the meaning of respect, even when they disagree.

The moral of the story? Don’t be a Democrat. The end.


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