The Numbers Tell a Different Story Than What the Media is Claiming on Fraud


    The problem with facts is that they can be interpreted differently by people with two completely different worldviews. In order to keep facts from being interpreted differently, they must be based on math, and they cannot have any kind of questionable opinions attached to them.

    So, these facts become an accurate picture of events that no one can dispute or deny. And that is what is needed for the president to prove that Biden cheated.

    These facts are coming to the surface, and it will take time to compile them all into an undisputable pile of truth. The testimonies of thousands of people from all over the country are similar in so many ways. Many observers tell the tale that they were kept out of the counting room, so they could not watch the counting.

    The testimonies are coming out that ballots were altered in favor of Biden. These same people also have independently told how they saw officials taking blocks of votes for Trump and giving them to Biden. These testimonies are the same method of fraud and interference, just in different locations.

    There should be enough facts to prove that fraud took place when there are that many compelling testimonies. The most substantial evidence so far is the pattern of behavior behind voting grounds. In every area, the Republicans were pulling ahead in just about every race. But then everything just stopped.

    In the contested states, the counting stopped. The Democrats could not believe what was happening, so they stopped everything. It took hours for them to bring in their fake ballots to run through the machines.

    The graphs show spikes in Biden’s numbers that number in the millions nationwide. That kind of thing just does not happen without there being some kind of cheating taking place.

    The Democrats knew precisely where they needed to cheat in order to win. That is why they targeted the states that are now being contested in court. The vast difference in voting trends is entirely off from the rest of the nation.

    The six states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia were where the counting stopped, and the spikes showed up. The voting trends in these states are so vastly different from the other 44 states that one cannot help but think that there is something wrong.

    The problem with the election is that millions of ballots mysteriously appeared after the counting had stopped. Then the count resumed when millions of ballots were discovered, and they were all for Biden.

    These votes were spread all over the states. They were distributed in just enough quantities to allow Biden to squeak out a narrow win.

    Statistics show that from this mysterious pile of ballots, 90 percent or more were for Biden, and the rest were for Trump. In one batch of 570,000 ballots, only 3,200 of them were for Trump.

    And then there is the solid proof fraud happened when an entire city supposedly turned out to vote. That supposedly happened in eight different major cities.

    But that is not the end of the matter. In Democratically controlled areas such as North Muskegon, there was 700 percent turnout, and over in Zeeland Charter Township, there was 400 percent voter turnout. Given that the national turnout everywhere else in the nation was 56 percent.

    Biden is a man that everyone hated. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton never surpassed the 70 million mark for votes. But out of nowhere, here comes Biden, and he tags over 80 million votes. That only happens when cheaters recount the same ballots over and over again.

    The Republicans won every race and more, but for some reason, they lost the Oval Office. That alone is an anomaly that needs to be investigated. The only way that could have happened is for cheaters to fill out Biden’s name on a ballot and turn it in multiple times.

    There is no question that the Democrats cheated. They turned in millions of fake ballots and moved results around on the machines so they could win.

    The facts and testimonies do not lie. They paint a clear picture of President Trump winning and Biden stealing it from him.


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