The Depth of Corruption Continues to Get Larger


President Trump is frustrated with the lack of concern by many with the FBI and the Department of Justice as it relates to the election fraud issue. Their slow response to the findings and evidence concerns everyone involved. The fact that they are not even looking at the issue has many wondering if there are more people involved in the coverup than is rightly known.

President Trump stated that “This is a total fraud, and how the FBI and Department of Justice — I don’t know, maybe they’re involved — but how people are allowed to get away with this stuff is unbelievable.” The president has sounded the alarm on the illegal activity that has swept through the nation.

The federal government’s investigative and legal departments should already be deeply involved in cleaning up the mess and fraud left by the Democrats. It is no longer a question of if it happened, but rather how and why it all took place.

Those responsible names should be on the front pages of all the major networks around the world. The world is waiting for the truth to come out, but the matter is being silently buried by many in authority positions that could stop it.

The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society worked with a strategist from the president’s campaign, and they found a whole pile of evidence of fraud that popped up during the election. The strategist, Matt Braynard, stated that “The @FBI has proactively and directly requested from me the VIP [Voter Integrity Project] findings that indicate illegal ballots. – By Tuesday, we will have delivered to the agency all of our data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.”

This evidence attracted the FBI, but as of right now, nothing has been done about it. They saw the evidence and data that was collected. It alarmed them, but they still have not acted on it. It seems like they are collecting all the evidence so they can make it all disappear.

Philip Kline is the Director of the Amistad Project. He mentions that “The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society retained Matt Braynard and his team after Election Day to develop data analysis to cultivate as evidence to support election integrity lawsuits in the battleground states. We’ve learned that Mr. Braynard was contacted by FBI Special Agent Young Oh of the FBI Los Angeles Field Office seeking our data. Mr. Braynard is cooperating with this request, and we fully support him. This data has been used to identify hundreds of thousands of Potentially fraudulent ballots in the states where we filed litigation.”

This story is just not one that is being reported on or brought up in legal action. The path to bury the truth seems to be strong.

The one issue in Wisconsin that was found was the massive spike of mail-in ballots that were requested. COVID-19 was not a reason that people could request a ballot. Year after year, the line that shows how many requests stayed constant, except this time. There were 170,000 people that asked for them.

Braynard went on to confirm that “I have no confidence that Joe Biden is the deserved winner of this election based on our findings and the current results of the election in the states of Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and potentially other states. He may have won, he may not have won. Trump may have lost — he may have been re-elected. We just can’t know because of how bad this election system has operated.”

The coverup that would take place would be found in the mass confusion of trying to pull all the evidence together. But the story that is being buried is the one that the president is telling the world about. The Democrats worked behind the scenes to rig the election. It fits their pattern of trying to destroy the president and unseat him for the past four years. This would ultimately be their last attempt to take the White House.

The FBI took Braynard’s evidence and has yet to do anything with it. There has been no action taken to arrest those responsible. Cheaters never win in the end. The FBI and other organizations may be able to bury the evidence they have, but there is more showing up every day.


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