Team Trump Files First Court Case with Supreme Court


It is finally official that President Trump has moved out of the lower courts and finally arrived at the Supreme Court.

The high court has so far refused to listen to the states and their complaints about the election fraud issue, but now that the president is involved, things are about to take a decisive turn. The Democrats are so confident that they have pulled a fast one on the American people, but they are being exposed one case at a time.

The president filed what is called a “petition for a writ of certiorari.” This is a petition for the court to look at the lower court’s decisions regarding the case against the state of Pennsylvania. The case has broad ramifications that will undoubtedly affect the five other contested states and possibly the entire elections’ outcome.

Trump’s petition charges that the state of Pennsylvania changed its rules for voting illegally. They did so by extending the time that mail-in ballots could be received. This is illegal because the state did not let the legislature pass the bill necessary to extend the deadline.

The Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, would extend the deadline three additional days, thereby circumventing the legislature. She committed an illegal act and will answer for her crime.

Boockvar’s action was only one of the many things that President Trump and his legal team are fighting over. The counting of the ballots was shady as well.

Republican watchers were told to stay away, and they could not get close to the ballots. Usually, there is one Republican and one Democrat working together to keep things fair. But not this time around. No Republican would be allowed to verify the counting because the Democrats were too busy cheating.

Rocking Rudy Giuliani is fighting for fairness and kicking out Joe Biden, who is not the legal president. Trump’s famous attorney stated that this is a direct “violation of Article II of the United States Constitution and Bush v. Gore.” Pennsylvania violated a ruling of the Supreme Court by taking action they did the night of the election.

Over 100,000 ballots were illegally counted. Giuliani stated that this would be “more than enough to have affected the outcome of the election, where the margin between the two principal candidates for President current stands at 80,558.”

The path to the White House is rocky, but it is still available for Trump to win. The Supreme Court needs to read the lawsuit, which states, “The Campaign’s petition seeks to reverse three decisions which eviscerated the Pennsylvania Legislature’s protections against mail ballot fraud, including (a) prohibiting election officials checking whether signatures on mail ballots are genuine during canvassing on Election Day, (b) eliminating the right of campaigns to challenge mail ballots during canvassing for forged signatures and other irregularities, (c) holding that the rights of campaigns to observe the canvassing of mail ballots only meant that they only were allowed to be ‘in the room’ – in this case, the Philadelphia Convention Center – the size of several football fields, and (d) eliminating the statutory requirements that voters properly sign, address, and date mail ballots.”

These issues are not to be taken lightly. For the Supreme Court to reject the fraud that took place is to open the door for it to happen again. The court is going to have to do the right thing and reverse the electors of the state.

The Democrats are crying about the whole case because they have been discovered as cheaters. They hoped that the media could help bury the issue. But so far, the media has failed in its part to coverup the act of fraud.

Trump and his lawyers need the Supreme Court to expedite the case and look into it before the Legislative Branch’s final ratification. The president is fighting for all Americans and wants to see future elections fair and trustworthy. For him, not to fight is for him to violate his own promise to protect all Americans.

The Democrats have no interest in protecting Americans. They like to clear the streets with lockdowns so they can move about without having to touch the common man.


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