Surprise! Investors Are Fleeing Minneapolis – We Wonder Why?


    There is another headline that we could use here and it would focus on the fact that actions have consequences. Minneapolis is one of the many Democrat-run cities that allowed themselves to devolve into an orgy of violence this year. Now, these cities are having a tough time getting investors to place their trust in them.

    Holy mackerel, who could have possibly foreseen such a thing? This city refuses to utilize its resources to keep the peace and now businesses are going to avoid this region going forward. It all seems pretty cut and dry to us but there are people who are going to be sure to argue. The Twin Cities are going to struggle to return to normalcy regardless.

    What happens when businesses realize that they are placing their structures in a city where they may not be a police force within a few years? It’s tough to justify an investment in these instances. Decline in the short term is now all but certain. The Washington Examiner is taking a closer look at the current situation and their findings should be concerning to anyone who resides in the Twin Cities.

    “Since violent unrest broke out over the summer, local developer Kelly Doran said he estimates around 10% to 20% vacancies in downtown apartment buildings that had just 2% to 3% vacancies in the last five years. Newer, modern buildings in the downtown area are also at 20% vacancy rates.

    As the city grapples with rising crime rates, along with droves of police retirements, and a council vote to reimagine parts of traditional public safety, Doran believes a full economic recovery for Minneapolis will be slow,” says the Examiner. Doran’s quote on the matter is also tough to swallow for anyone who thinks that the recovery would take place in a matter of months.

    “They don’t seem to care,” Doran said of the council. “I don’t know why anybody would seriously consider investing in the city.” It’s hard to argue with that point of view right now. The council does not seem to care what happens and they are making that abundantly clear to all observers. Mica Soellner took the time to speak with various developers and investors. The consensus seems to be in.

    No one is looking to return to the days of “Murderapolis”. Most residents are understandably hoping that this era is behind them but the council is not taking that into account. They are putting the needs of a small and vocal fraction of their community over the rest. City Hall has decided to cozy up to the radical progressives of their city and they have yet to realize the damage that they are doing.

    Soellner spoke with former Minneapolis councilor Steve Minn. Minn warns of what is to come and says that the true fight is not going to be taking place at the ballot box. “Minn believes the contentious relationship between the council and the business community is largely due to a lack of understanding by members, and he believes this budget will follow many to the ballot box next year,” says Soellner.

    Minn offers up yet another sobering quote to those who believe that this city should start abolishing its police force. “None of them understand or appreciate the value in the business community, and none of them have outreached a hand to help the business community,” Minn said. “They’re going to get a fairly sobering budget to work with when the business community responds by voting with their feet. They don’t understand the kind of damage they’ve done yet.”

    The looting and rioting of the summer have scared away investors and understandably so. The most predictable outcome is that voters end up showing the council how they feel by fleeing in droves. The Twin Cities may want to start seeking out new leadership. The current regime is not going to provide the best results for those who choose to abide by the law.


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