President Trump Challenges Republicans Who are Giving up the Fight for Liberty and Justice


    The formality of the Electoral College may seem like a nail in President Trump’s coffin, but that is far from the truth. That has not stopped Republicans from trying to move on, thinking that the end of the Republican president has come. McConnell’s move may have been a step in the direction of moving on, but it may not have been the right one at the right time.

    President Trump is still waging the war in court, noting that the mafia media and their liberal masters cheated at the election, and Biden is not the real winner. The fight for the White needs to be raged, and the Republican base needs to be backing the effort. If there were more of them fighting for the election’s integrity, there would be more progress being made.

    McConnell ticked off a massive block of Republican voters by his agreement with the Electoral College win for Biden. McConnell has been promoting the need for the fight to stop. But that does not sit well with people that want to fight for honesty and integrity.

    One attorney for President Trump noted that “McConnell wants power, influence, & money. He is willing to sell America to get what he wants. McConnell is a traitor to American Patriots.” These may seem like harsh words, but McConnell was quick to throw in the towel.

    His choice has given the liberal media ammunition to start telling the world that there is a division in the Republican Party. This is something that is just not true. They desire to back the president into a corner and force him to step aside. But President Trump is not one to be bullied by anyone.

    Mitch McConnell will be the sole leader for the Republicans if Biden sits down in the Oval Office. He will have to fight corrupt liberals in the House and the one sitting in a chair Biden cheated to win. It may be that he is settling in for a long two years before the Republicans can take back the House.

    President Trump is still fighting for America in these last days. Hunter Biden is trying to hide behind his daddy to avoid jail. But President Trump is thinking of appointing prosecutors to take down the corrupt Biden family. This move would make things terribly hard for Biden.

    McConnell was hoping that some of the Trump supporters would have listened to his words and followed his lead. But they are not ready to give up the fight, and neither should McConnell. And yet, with everything happening now, many wonder if there is a third party emerging in America.

    But as Tim Donner states regarding the thought, “Independent candidates have occasionally succeeded in having an impact on presidential elections. George Wallace won five states in 1968 and Ross Perot captured 19% of the popular vote in 1992. But both were stand-alone candidacies, much like the breakaway Dixiecrat party of Strom Thurmond in 1948, predicated on one charismatic individual rather than a full party build-out.”

    He went on to point out that “The two major parties simply possess too much power and political infrastructure for the likes of the Libertarian or Green parties to gain traction. As we have seen in the issue of term limits, often promised and never delivered, the one thing Republicans and Democrats have always agreed on is sustaining their exclusive power and smothering any nascent political parties.”

    His words echo a strategy that the Democrats are trying to do to weaken the conservatives in America. They want to divide the party and then take it over. There is no better way than to destroy an opposing side than to divide it in two and cause them to fight each other.

    What the liberals do not understand is that there is no division between McConnell and Trump. This is a disagreement. The real division is found with the age gap in the Democratic Party. There is one selfish progressive stirring up trouble, which will divide the liberals and push conservatives into office in a few short years.


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