Pirates of the Columbia and Other Fine Examples of Democratic Failures


Why do the Democrats continue to fail? From encampments to riots to ridiculous pandemic rules, they’ve shown how poorly they lead their people.

And with such failures in Democratic cities and states, why do they continue to get votes?

It’s as if American liberals have been brainwashed to think that they have to vote for the party printed on their voter registration card.

The Pirates of the Columbia is a fine example of how leadership has utterly failed. And guess what, this is happening in Portland. Clearly, Mayor Ted Wheeler is way over his head. He continues to allow crime to happen right under his nose – and for what? He doesn’t want to admit defeat and ask for the national guard to clean up his mess.

Just when we think that maybe, just maybe, Mayor Wheeler has figured out how to take control of the city, we learn about the pirates. He did just clean up an autonomous zone as residents decided to help prevent an eviction. The “pirates” are actually a growing homeless population around Hayden Island.

Theft and vandalism around the area have been growing tremendously – and two old navy boats can prove it. The boats are visible from the bridge. They’re covered in graffiti and the piles of garbage have been getting bigger and bigger.

Oh, but wait – the mayor finally took notice. A cleanup crew removed an old gangplank and loads of trash. However, there are still people living on boats. Michael Adams is one of the residents, but he doesn’t consider himself to be a pirate, though he does admit to being homeless.

Adams wants to say that he’s being treated like he’s a criminal – the reality is that he’s fallen on hard times. Why? Poor city leadership.

Homelessness has become a major problem in Democratic cities. Mayor Wheeler isn’t alone. It’s not only in Portland but also in Seattle, Los Angeles, and many other places.

Why is the homeless situation getting out of control?

Mismanagement of city finances is one of the reasons. Rather than funding programs to help rehabilitate the homeless, governors and mayors are adding to their salaries and funding beautification programs.

Another reason is that real estate prices in the area are soaring.

Let’s look at the cost of renting an apartment in Nebraska – it’s about $950. Now, to rent a similar apartment in California, it’s going to cost around $2300. That’s a considerable increase – and what does someone in LA get for paying more than double the rent? Nothing. Well, they get to say that they’re being governed by Gavin Newsom, but that’s not really a perk at this point.

If only there was a way to stop some of the vandalism and theft that continues to happen. Oh, wait, the police could help! The problem is that there are too many Democratic city councils who think that it’s a good idea to cut funding. When the crime is up, cutting funding is the last thing that should be done – but they have their liberal ideals that they want to hold onto.

Meanwhile, in cities where funding hasn’t been cut, cops still feel useless because the Democratic district attorneys are letting the criminals go the very next day. No charges, no penalties. This means they’re actually allowing criminals to commit crimes without having to suffer the consequences.

Why would any criminal stop committing crimes if they know nothing is going to happen to them? No wonder why there’s so much crime happening these days.

The whole thing is ridiculous – and now citizens have to complain about pirates, high costs of rent, and barricades in the middle of roads.

The answer is simple: vote Republican. Why is it that there are so many people who are scared to do that? It’s become clear that we cannot rely on Democratic leadership to do anything that is actually helpful.


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