Obama Shouts at Democrats for Being ‘Buzzkills’


After pointing himself out in the context of an individual politician who might appear out of touch upon transitioning to “professorial,” the former president who was a spy on the Trump campaign has said that voters are left wondering, “How is politics even relevant to what I care most about? My children, and my family work in a way that gives me joy, and fun. Heck, I’m not an unintentional buzzkill.”

He then remarked on the left’s fascist cancel-culture: “And sometimes Democrats are”buzzkills. Sometimes, people need to feel less being on eggshells. They would like to acknowledge that life can be messy and that everyone can, at any time may say things wrong, or make mistakes.”

The former president who conducted spies on the campaign of Donald Trump added that Democrats should put aside things that aren’t important:

Democrats spend a lot of energy and time resources on pointing out the latest outrageous thing Trump said or how disrespectful or rude the Republican candidates were. It’s unlikely that something is thought of by the majority of people as more important than their primary concerns What do I need to pay my rent? What’s the price of gas? What can I do to deal with my children?

The former president who conducted a snooping operation on the campaign of Donald Trump isn’t wrong regarding this. The issue is that Democrats aren’t able to discuss the issues because of a simple cause: Democrats are deliberately causing this crisis.

Democrats have a desire to solve the housing crisis. What else could they do than overflow the nation with millions of illegal immigrants, and then pass absurd legislation that makes housing costly to construct? Democrats have no qualms about their policy of promoting density. They dislike suburbs. They are averse to single-family homes. They want us to live in their cities that are failing so they have the power to influence us. Therefore, the only way to tackle the housing problem is to construct more homes to stop immigration illegal. However, Democrats are seeking compliant illegal immigrants to take over Americans.

Additionally, Democrats believe there are enough homes. The issue is our self-centeredness, our need to have our own house as well as a lawn and garage. It is impossible to influence or control people who are happy. You only have the power to influence and control miserable people.


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