Obama Blames Hip Hop for Black Community Liking Trump


Obama has decided that it’s easier to blame hip hop. Obviously, that’s easier to explain why parts of the black community like Trump, right? It’s better than to take the blame for bad decisions made by Democratic political leaders.

It must be hard to see people of color on the other side of the fence than you. Obama’s opinion of Republican black men was startling as he blamed hip hop artists. He might as well have come out and said, “Black men don’t know how to think for themselves.”

Obama thinks that the reason why Trump earned 18% of the black male vote during the recent election is because of the macho persona.

“If there are some in the hip-hop community who are constantly rapping about bling and depicting women in a certain way, and then they hear Donald Trump basically delivering the same version of it, they might say, ‘Yeah, that guy, that’s what I want. That’s what I want to be.”

Wow, really?

Trump has never depicted women in a way that Obama implies that they are anything less than women.

However, let’s really take a look at the hip-hop artists that are out there. Obama didn’t mention any names. It’s likely that he’s never listened to hip-hop a day in his life.

Some of the top hip-hop artists on the airwaves include Drake, Kanye West, Eminem, and Nicki Minaj. Many are married or are in committed relationships. It’s unlikely that they would be able to attract anyone if they had such hideous thoughts about women.

Sometimes, words are just words. They are used to drive home a point. However, few hip-hop artists are making claims within their lyrics to be abusive.

Many of the artists are God-fearing individuals, too. Kanye West is Christian. Drake is Jewish. Faith is a big part of who they are.

So, for Obama to say that hip-hop artists are the reason for black males to vote for Trump is one of the most ignorant things to have ever come out of his mouth.

Black men chose to vote for Trump because they don’t like what Biden had to say about “not being black” if they didn’t vote for him. Black men chose to vote for Trump because they don’t believe in defunding the police. Black men chose to vote for Trump because they like the direction of the Republican Party.

Obama’s thought is that men, not just black men but men of all races, are more susceptible to public figures who “act tough.”

So, is that to say that Trump is the only public figure who acts tough?

There are plenty of Democratic public figures who act tough, too. Anyone could have chosen to use those as role models, too. However, those Democratic figures just aren’t getting the job done.

Obama continues to dig himself a hole by saying that “those of us who are progressive” think that women should be treated with respect and dignity. Does that mean he’s saying that those who aren’t progressive don’t think women should be treated with respect and dignity? He is starting to alienate quite a number of people with his words.

Progressivism isn’t about how we treat women or whether we want to follow a “macho” type. It’s about not wanting to say goodbye to law enforcement and not wanting the country heading straight toward socialism.

Plenty of people – men, women, whites, blacks, and browns – are all in favor of Trump. And it may not even be Trump but something other than what the blue has to offer. I

Obama seems to forget something important. The 2020 election wasn’t just about Trump vs. Biden. It’s about democracy vs. socialism. It’s about the Constitution vs. progressivism. Not everyone wants to tear the country apart.

Hip hop isn’t to blame for black men voting for Trump. Everyone has the power to decide who they vote for. The harsh reality is that Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party simply didn’t offer a compelling argument for some.


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