Nothing to See Here? Georgia Vote Counters Work for Far-Left ACLU Anti-Trump Hate Group


Georgia Election Official Gabe Sterling made a shocking admission earlier this year. The ACLU was targeted by Sterling so that they could help count votes in the state of Georgia. Some might be wondering why this was a problem. Surely, states like Georgia can use all of the help that they can get when it comes time to count votes.

This is not what happened, though. Sterling opened the door for the steal and now he is looking to remove himself from the equation. When the ACLU decided to cheat, Gabe Sterling should have been held responsible. He even took credit for the ill-fated ballot drop boxes idea. Georgia also employed Ralph Jones, Sr., who has been found to have cured ballots during the counting process.

While Ralph’s involvement has been known for a bit now, we had no clue that he may have been working with outsiders. This is something that many have speculated about before but the ACLU connection was not revealed until now. Now,  Georgia House investigations Georgia Poll Manager Susan Voyles is playing a key role in the most damning video yet.

A batch of 60 ballots is said to have come in from one Quality Living Center and Voyles is leaving the window open for a lot of doubt. From there, even more, shocking admissions unfold. For starters, someone was allowed to log in from Denver to her poll pad. This was a Dominion technician, as you would have expected.

Dominion is playing a key role in the steal and Trump has been trying his best to warn everyone. Later in the video, our attention is turned to the actual Ballot Marking Device. You’re not going to believe this but these are also connected to the Internet. This seems like a recipe for disaster but what do we know?

Voyles also claimed that no one who was present counting votes was allowed to have their personal cell phone. That’s all well and good but it doesn’t explain the theft away. The ACLU representative that was on hand was able to connect to county electoral systems remotely. How or why would anyone need to use their own cell phone when the fix was already in?

This is the question that the mainstream media seems to be too afraid to ask at the moment. Voyles has laid it all out so clearly but people are still too nervous to seriously question it. The liberals are happy with winning by deceit and the rest of the country seems divided when it comes to deciding on a plan for the future.

The ACLU election fixers are also known as Deputy Registrars. They were recruited to provide their “assistance” once Election Day rolled around. “Given the record number of absentee ballots already requested for the November 3 general election, Fulton County has developed a new absentee ballot cancellation process.

On Election Day, when a Fulton voter who has requested an absentee ballot arrives at a polling location intending to vote in person, it will be the responsibility of the Fulton County Deputy Registrar stationed at each Fulton polling location to cancel that absentee ballot directly through the county election software. This new process will drastically reduce wait times for Fulton voters,” reads the call to arms on their website.

Ralph Jones, Sr. was likely in cahoots with these workers during the steal and it is becoming more and more obvious by the day. This whole mess needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. We are running out of time before the inauguration takes place. The evidence is piling up and the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about it.

We understand why, though. They want Biden in office, at all costs. If they are accused of cheating going forward, watch how fast they swing it back to Trump. That is all that we are going to hear over the course of the next four years.


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