Nike, Coke Excited That Under a Biden Administration They’ll Be Able to Continue to Benefit From Chinese Slave Labor


    The New York Times choosing to use the term “forced labor” in this piece is….interesting, to say the least. We don’t quite understand the reasoning but that’s par for the course for them. Chinese oppression is not limited to forcing people to work certain jobs. It is about forcing people to offer their complete and total obedience.

    They exist to serve their masters and make no mistake, this is a slave regime. They even have the concentration camps to prove it. As time goes on, matters are only going to get worse and worse. America’s mentality towards this is pretty funny. In an era where corporate entities cannot wait to offer up some performative woke commentary, no one seems to care about Chinese slave labor.

    “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt,” said Colin Kaepernick during his latest Nike promotional campaign. This is not something that the company actually believes, though. They are only saying what sounds good to the general public so that they can keep lining their own pockets.

    It’s funny how they can devise a whole ad campaign around the idea of doing what is right even when it is difficult, only to ignore that message when it suits them. American companies that use Uighur slave labor should be on board with a federal bill that stops them from being able to do so. The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act is now being targeted by companies that do not want to rely on legal forms of labor.

    Companies like Apple are looking to squash the Act before it has a chance to gain real traction. Even entitles like the United States Chamber of Commerce have a vested interest in these concerns. Lobbyists are doing everything in their power to dilute the Act’s power. China’s apparel and footwear factories are staffed by workers that are supplied by Xinjiang. No one wants that gravy train to stop.

    Some may point out that Nike has claimed to audit their supply chains, finding no slave labor in the process. There is just one problem with this plan: Uighurs are enslaved to an extent that is tough for American companies to quantify. The powers that be work overtime to ensure that no one is able to find out about the full breadth of the slavery that is taking place.

    China is said to have moved Uighurs around, to avoid suspicion. American companies may not be using slave labor knowingly but there is simply too much of it in China for any one entity to pin it all down. The businesses that are standing in opposition to the Act are probably worried about violating federal laws if newspapers or international agencies discover slave labor that they were not aware of.

    “Firms were already responding [to the bill] by trying to find sources for products outside Xinjiang,” the Times says. The legislation’s objective seems to be a simple one. They are not trying to get Americans to leave specific parts of China, they want American companies to leave China altogether. This gives these entities full confidence that they are not using slave labor.

    This is all PR that is designed to impress the Chinese government if you ask us. We all remember how the Daryl Morey episode went. When Beijing takes exception with what Americans have to say, they are willing to respond aggressively. The NBA was severely punished over one errant tweet. “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”? Yeah, right.

    These slogans may impress the liberals but they are essentially meaningless. Will the Biden administration truly prioritize human rights in China in a way that the Trump administration never could? That remains to be seen. As for the rest of us? We are waiting to see if the woke crowd ever decides to put their money where their mouth is. Nike is also waiting to see how the dominoes fall, for sure.


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