Nice One, Twitter…Crenshaw is NOT Following Escorts


How is it that Twitter is still allowed to function with all its lies and deceit?

The latest of how they continue to fail the GOP while spreading the hate and filth of the liberals looks a lot like a prank pulled off by high school kids.

Dan Crenshaw, a veteran and GOP Representative from Texas, was supposedly following a New York City escort who charges $1500 an hour on Twitter.

Really, Twitter? That’s the best that you can come up with?

Of course, all of this is fake news. The Texas congressman is blaming a security breach for what is happening. Critics, however, are having a field day.

There’s no way that a married Republican and a former Navy SEAL would intentionally follow Olivia May, an escort with over 10,000 followers. “Grow up people” Crenshaw tweeted, identifying that neither he nor any of his staffers purposefully followed the account, adding that he appreciates being flagged so that he could change his passwords.

It’s not the first time that a social media platform has had security breaches like this.

Last month, it was brought to the media’s attention that the Pope’s official Instagram account had “liked” a photo posted by a Brazilian model wearing schoolgirl-style lingerie.

No, the Pope didn’t like this. And no, Crenshaw didn’t start following an escort.

It all comes down to knowing that anything that is done on social media is recorded. It’s impossible to like or follow anything or anyone on social media without it being broadcast to followers.

The Pope doesn’t even maintain his own Instagram account. And no one who manages the account would have liked the photo. The Vatican demanded an explanation of how such a thing could happen.

Whatever happened on Instagram is likely due to a hack – similar to what has happened with Representative Crenshaw’s Twitter account.

Come on, there’s no way that the Representative nor anyone on his team would be stupid enough to publicly follow an escort. Not to mention, Crenshaw spends his time in Texas and Washington DC – New York is a bit out of his way. However, the person who likely hacked his account is a follower of the escort, and most likely resides in New York.

One of the first reporters who posted about the follow was Daily Dot reporter Zachary Petrizzo. The tweets that followed were mainly in defense of the congressman, though there were plenty of liberals who decided to immediately criticize him without bothering to fact check – because apparently, Twitter’s fact-checkers were off that day.

Most people on Twitter saw it for what it was – a hack that reeked with desperation to show the GOP congressman in a bad light. Others also pointed out that simply following someone doesn’t “mean anything” because there’s no proof of paying for sex or any other illicit behavior.

Justin Discigil, the communications director for Crenshaw, has identified that the congressman has yet to contact authorities about the following. At this point, it’s no harm and no foul. He changed his password and he’s looking to move on.

It does beg the question, though, that if this were to happen to another congressman, perhaps a Democrat, if it would have been immediately flagged by Twitter as false and against their terms of service.

Plenty of reporters were tweeting about it, yet Twitter didn’t flag any of the tweets or suspend anyone’s accounts. It was simply allowed to be rumored that a congressman of the United States was not only following an escort but potentially having an extramarital affair.

Twitter seems to be pushing the boundaries with each passing week. At some point, they’re going to allow a story to go too far.

Until that time, we have to deal with the rumors and the security breaches. Crenshaw has already moved on from the incident – and all tweets are focused on what must be done to get the country back on track, not whether he may or may not have followed an escort.


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