New Project Veritas Video Shows GA Senate Candidate Ossoff Discuss Dems’ Plans to Pack the Supreme Court


Project Veritas has been unleashing all sorts of truth bombs since the election fraud initially began. Their most recent video happens to paint Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff’s deputy political director in a very negative light. The video reveals that the Democrats are looking to pack the Supreme Court with as many liberal justices as necessary.

These corrupt Georgia officials are also trying to steal the election with practices that are clearly illegal. Since they have already been able to steal the election, they are now emboldened enough to try and swipe the runoffs as well. It was the most predictable series of events but anyone who brought it up was shouted down immediately.

GOP incumbent Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are currently in a battle with Warnock and Ossoff. If these Marxists are able to win, the country is in for a world of hurt. Biden would not even need to ram any executive orders down our throats. He would have the Senate majority at that point.

The Republican majority in the Senate is at stake and Georgia elections officials have elected to let the madness continue. Ballot drop boxes can still be used, even though these methods were corrupted during the general election. They did not learn their lesson at all and now the American people are going to continue to suffer.

These drop boxes allow a great deal of illegal vote harvesting to take place and this is something that we should be guarding against. The state of Georgia is essentially encouraging it because they know that this is their only way to win. They believe that they can discourage GOP lawmakers and convince them to tell their constituents to stay home.

Of course, Donald Trump has been huffing and puffing about how Republican voters need to stay home but those who want to make a difference need to remain politically engaged. If they are able to successfully convince all conservative voters to stay home, the liberals will win without even having to cheat.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and the Georgia State Election Board are in on the steal, as they are responsible for approving the use of the drop boxes. The Supreme Court is about to overrun with liberal judges who are going to undo everything that the current president has tried to accomplish over the past four years.

Too many Americans would like to believe that they are not going to be affected by what has taken place here. They think that Biden will somehow be kept in check but nothing could be further from the actual truth. Anyone who thinks that this presidency is going to be anything more than a big middle finger to conservative citizens has been watching a completely different election unfold than we have.

James O’Keefe is one of the few patriots left that is ready to stand up for what is right. “BREAKING: GA Senate Candidate @ossoff Deputy Political Director Reveals Democrats Are Hiding Plans To Pack The Supreme Court With Liberal Justices “If Biden gets elected, maybe we’ll add three justices to the Supreme(Court)” “I can’t say that here today(Pack the court), but…” he shared on his Twitter account yesterday.

If not for Project Veritas and the other whistleblowers are not sitting idly by, we are not sure what would be happening right now. The country at large seems to be getting somewhat annoyed with all of the stolen election talks. To be fair, the pandemic probably has something to do with this. People have been stuck inside all year and general malaise is setting in.

This is the time when people need to be ready to power through, though. This Georgia kerfuffle is a strong reminder of what the Democrats are willing to do in order to regain power. Four years of Trump and they are ready to beg, borrow, and steal their way back into the White House…..emphasis on STEAL.


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