Look Who Newsom Blames for His Family Having to Quarantine


Gavin Newsom just cannot accept responsibility for his own actions. And he certainly cannot accept the fact that certain things just happen to people. Newsom is a man that believes he can control his own fate. So, when a member of his security team fell ill with COVID-19, he went off the deep end again and blamed the world for his family having to quarantine for two weeks.

Newsom would have fared better had he shown any kind of concern for his team member who was sick with COVID-19. Instead of compassion, all he had to say was hateful and shameful words about how his royal life was interrupted by one of the lowly peasants serving beneath his golden feet.

The poor security agent has to endure the insane mouth of his boss every moment of every shift. But there is a sense of irony to the whole event. Newsom parades himself around, acting like he does not have to obey CDC rules and his own pathetic lockdown laws. And now here he is wondering if he has COVID-19. The mighty has fallen and has to quarantine just like everyone else under his sinful rule.

But Newsom’s idea of quarantine is more of a vacation. He is staying at his royal palace in Fair Oaks. He has wine caves there, a tennis court, multiple acres of grounds to wander, and many more amenities that most people do not have. So, it is more of a vacation for the man than anything else.

He even has to deal with the idea that one of his kids’ classmates tested positive. His kids go to a private school that was allowed to stay open because his own children attend there. But every other school has been forced to closed.

Carla Marinucci is the reporter that rated Newsom’s little dirty secret to the world. She stated that the family was under a 14-day quarantine. And that is when the state cheered because he was going to get a taste of what he has been putting everyone through for the past year.

Newsom and his kids seem to be getting tested around the clock. These are tests that are not usually available in abundance to everyone else. He just wants to get several negative tests in a line so he can weasel his way out of quarantine.

Newsom would love to see his family exempt from the CDC and state rules. But he is coming to grips with the reality that he is no better than anyone else. Even the mighty Gavin Newsom has to submit to his own rules.

It took the liberal media to rat the insane man out as being exposed to the virus. He did not even post any update or message about the exposure. He was hoping to keep it all quiet so he could sidestep the regulations that were about to be imposed on himself and his family.

The Los Angeles Times reported that “Newsom’s team did not immediately disclose the exposure from the CHP officer and instead waited to announce the family-wide quarantine until after test results came back negative Sunday evening.”

They waited for 48-hours to report the matter so they could make their way to their vacation home. They deliberately traveled, knowing that there was a possibility that they could infect someone else and potentially cause their death.

But this is a man that does not care about other people. He is more concerned with keeping his kids in school and allowing his family to continue with their lives like nothing is wrong. And the entire time, there are millions of kids that are suffering and being left behind in school because Newsom will not allow them to get on with their lives.

At some point, the socialist dictator is going to have to answer for his crimes against humanity. The voters get the final say about whether he is guilty or should be removed from office when the time comes. His reluctance to work with President Trump the past four years hurt the people of California. Their lives would be so much better if Newsom were not a part of them.


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