ICE Cracks Down on Illegal Immigrants in Operation Broken Promise


Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have made a major announcement. They are ready to provide the results from Operation Broken Promise. 180 illegal aliens were arrested and the operation also sought to target those who claimed that they were leaving the United States. Unfortunately, many of them refused to do so.

When the illegal aliens violated the terms of their agreement, they would have to be deported. Operation Broken Promise is designed to gather all of the illegal immigrants who claimed that they would leave on their own accord and failed to do so. Due process of the law is received. Once the removal proceedings begin, immigration judges review the facts of their case.

As soon as the process begins, the illegal alien is allowed to request an order allowing them to leave the country. The order can be asked for before their hearing takes place. The alien also has the choice of waiting for their case to be litigated. By taking these steps, the illegal alien can receive permission to leave the country without having to be removed forcibly.

Those who choose not to take this step are with long term removal orders. These orders can keep an illegal alien from being able to re-enter the United States for anywhere from 5 to 10 years. They are given 60 to 120 days to depart from the country, depending on the logistics that are involved with their current arrangement.

Keeping the ability to return to the United States in the future is a major win for illegal aliens. ICE officials believe that this is the most humane way to handle the situation. The program is also designed to cut costs for the average American. Taxpayers are not being forced to foot the bill for lengthy legal proceedings and the amount of personnel that is needed in these cases is much lower than expected.

Due process and a sworn decree do not stop illegal aliens from deciding to break the rules anyway, though. They take advantage of the system that is in place, which is unfortunate for those who truly want to play by the rules. American is a generous country at heart but there are too many people who see fit to make the wrong choices.

No matter how caring the government tries to be, there are always going to be some people who take things too far. The old saying about “give them an inch and they will take a mile” applies here. Many of the illegal immigrants who attempt to remain in the country illegally have criminal backgrounds. These are concerns that were expressed by Tony Pham, the acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

There are some who believe that the current operations are a waste of resources. “NEW: More than 180 immigrants across the US were arrested recently as part of an ICE op targeting those who officials say had promised to leave but did not, according to an internal doc I obtained. Former ICE officials say it’s a waste of resources,” said Hamed Aleaziz.

“It’s a waste of resources,” said John Sandweg, a former acting director of ICE under the Obama administration. “When you’re targeting on immigration status alone and not on criminal history, you’re wasting resources.” How can anyone say that this is a waste of resources when it is achieving the desired effect? These naysayers would rather watch the system be abused at every possible turn.

We have a hard time being sympathetic to those who are responsible for ripping off the American taxpayer. If the elected officials who are supposed to control this country are unable to reign in all of the nonsense, who is going to step up in their stead? ICE is doing their best in the meantime but as always, there is no shortage of ungrateful lefties who are trying their best to act as if this is a problem. Sadly, this is business as usual.


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