Fainting & More Following the “Life-Saving” Vaccines


If it were up to the Democrats in DC, they’d have everyone line up and get the vaccine. Forget about freedom. Take your number, get your shot. They’ll even wave an economic stimulus check in front of you. Be a good little American and get your shot like we tell you to do.

There’s a problem with these “life-saving” vaccines that the Democrats want to tout as the way to end the pandemic. The side effects can be significant – and it’s causing many people to back away slowly from the idea of ever getting the vaccine.

Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just a few temporary side effects. As much as the liberal media wants to spin the vaccines as a positive thing, there are too many coming forward to talk about what they’re experiencing. And some are fainting on live TV before they can even start talking.

Trump has been warning that the pandemic isn’t going to be easy for it to go away. He’s in favor of herd immunity. The CDC wants to say that the vaccine will make it all better – but will it? There has to be something else to go along with the vaccine – and it’s also one of the reasons why Trump had the U.S. pull away from the World Health Organization. No one is coming forward with ideas.

One nurse at a hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee was talking about how she’s so excited that she and her team get to be one of the first to be vaccinated. As she continued into the interview, she apologized for feeling dizzy. Then, a doctor caught her as she fainted – less than 20 minutes after receiving the shot.

The nurse, Tiffany Dover, quickly recovered and said that it had nothing to do with the vaccine – she often faints after experiencing pain. Oh, so the vaccine is painful?

The CDC said that fainting can occur with all types of vaccines because of either the pain or the anxiety.

Fainting is a relatively minor side effect, but it’s enough that it will cause some Americans to push back.

Speaking of pushing back, there’s an entire population in the U.S. who isn’t interested in getting vaccines because of the pork-derived gelatin used to make the COVID vaccine. It is against Muslims’ beliefs to consume anything pork-related – and that includes this vaccine. There are also those who are allergic to pork – and getting this vaccine could lead to an allergic reaction.

What if you’re not Muslim and you’re not allergic to pork. Is it a good idea to get the vaccine? Well, that depends.

At this point, getting the vaccine is being promoted as a bipartisan solution to getting the pandemic under control. Mike Pence has taken the vaccine on live TV and Joe Biden and his wife have also received the vaccine. Kamala Harris is waiting until after Christmas for reasons unknown.

Severe allergic reactions have been occurring in some people who have been vaccinated over the past two weeks. While the reactions are rare, it looks as though it’s related to polyethylene glycol (PEG). It is used in the vaccine produced by Pfizer and Moderna as a way to package the messenger RNA.

PEG isn’t used in vaccines, typically. This is the first time it’s been used in an FDA-approved vaccine. However, PEG has been used in other drugs, and it has triggered anaphylaxis.

For those exposed to PEG in the past, it may put them at a higher risk of having anaphylactic shock once vaccinated.

Bell’s Palsy, a temporary form of facial paralysis, was found within some of the clinical trials, too. Again, it’s a rare occurrence, but it has happened to some who have been vaccinated.

As more of these stories come out, it’s going to be harder to convince people that the vaccine is safe. So, where does that leave the country in terms of putting the pandemic behind us? It could be a slower recovery than what the CDC and the Biden administration want to admit.


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