Election Fraud? Thousands More Uncounted Trump Votes Turn up in Georgia Recount Yet Again (Video)


As some readers may already be aware, the statewide recount in Fayette County has led to some rather interesting findings. Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump has started to dwindle as more and more. Votes are being discovered that were supposed to have been added to the president’s ledger.

A memory card that contained nearly 500 votes for President Trump was conveniently not uploaded. “Gabriel Sterling with the GA Sec. of State’s office says 2,755 votes discovered in Fayette County.

Unlike in Floyd County, these were scanned votes that were in the system. 1,577 for Donald Trump 1,128 for Joe Biden. This makes a net gain of over 400 for Trump,” said one local reporter.

When Georgia elections officials were confronted about the discrepancy, they did not have much to say on the matter. They have no answers as to what caused the “error” to occur. The Dominion technicians who were on the scene did not have anything to say, either. If you would like to see more, TalkMullins is sharing video on her Twitter account.

“Floyd County, GA: After a FULL day of rescanning, counting, & software techs troubleshooting, election officials (while VERY transparent), still had NO answer as to what caused 2700 votes to go uncounted. Dominion techs said they could not comment. Listen to this! @RealAmVoice,” she says. This Georgia recount is an absolute travesty and no one should be surprised by this.

If Governor Brian Kemp is not willing to step in, what happens next? He had to demand a full audit so that this state can truly get to the bottom of things.

This governor needs to be checking signatures and scheduling a hand recount with GOP observers on hand. Each table of ballot counters needs to be monitored as closely as possible.

Since no one actually wants to pay close attention to what is going on, it is up to the rest of us to spread the word. America as a whole seems ready to move on from the election if we are taking the time to read the tea leaves here.

There’s a certain amount of fatigue at play. If we had to guess, there are a lot of people who could not care less who wins at this point.

They just want to be done with it. We can understand where they are coming from, in a sense. 2020 has been a long, hard year.

No one wants to be stressed out anymore. People are ready for Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines to be distributed so that we can resume some semblance of the public life that has been disrupted.

On the other hand, this is exactly what the far left is banking on. They want people’s fatigue to lead them down the wrong path. This is the time when people need to be asking more questions, not less.

Americans have to stand up and fight. The election is being stolen right out from under us and if it happens this time? The Democrats are sure to try it again.

That is something that you can take to the bank. The left wants everyone to think that Trump simply needs to concede so that we can move on with our lives. If that happens, no good will come from it.

Anyone who lies down and accepts what is happening now is going to be in for a rude awakening when this starts happening during every single election going forward.

Let’s not forget that President Trump probably plans on running again in 2024 if he is unable to put a stop to the election fraud today. That’s why he is tirelessly fighting to make sure that these types of things do not happen going forward.

He’s not just fighting for himself, he’s fighting for the future of America as we know it. The stakes are high but he’s not someone who is used to bowing out when times are hard. We want justice!


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