Democrats Running Scared as Evidence is Piled High


    The liberals are running for cover as the evidence of their criminal deed comes to the surface. They have a long list of crimes that they are going to have to answer for as Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell take aim at finding those responsible. The Democrats stepped into a circle with socialists and communists that want to see America come to an end.

    President Trump’s team of lawyers took to the media and presented their opening statement about the massive amount of evidence that they have found. What was discovered is a pathway of cheating that took place on local, state, and national levels.

    Many of the witnesses that have come forward and revealed the truth of the night of the election stated that they were the ones told to do the actions. They went on to identify those people.

    The Democrats are in hiding, and the media will not report any evidence because they are trying to protect the people responsible. Powell and Giuliani both state that the evidence is there, but the media downplays it all and reports no evidence exists. But when there are thousands of witnesses and accounts of voter fraud, there has to be someone calling the shots.

    Trump’s legal team has thousands of witnesses that these issues happened. However, most of the witnesses have asked not to be identified because they are fearful of their safety. The Democrats threatened several essential attorneys with death if they continued to pursue their cases.

    Democrats have and will silence people that turn them over to the law because of their crimes. The fearful Democrats will do anything to silence people. That means they are willing to kill in order to keep witnesses from testifying.

    It may come down to some of these witnesses being placed in witness protection because there is also evidence that extremely wealthy liberal Democrats paid big money to have the election rigged. They paid big money to communist nations to make sure that Biden wins.

    These selfish, money-hungry thugs think nothing but of themselves. Many of the witnesses claim that they saw first-hand the “nefarious activities” that took place late into the night. One witness in Georgia stated that they say ballots that look like they were printed in mass to be counted for Biden.

    On another account, witnesses said they saw people taking chunks of votes and switching them to Biden’s account. Nearly a million votes are in question in several states. This is more than enough to keep Biden out of the White House and to put into fighting the nasty liberals behind the crimes against the country.

    The list of fraud and criminal actions committed by the Democrats and hidden by the media gets larger every hour. The liberals that run these cities were able to violate the 14th Amendment because they put their commanders in place on the elections committees. Thus, they can shield themselves from being exposed.

    But what is even more shocking is that Democrats from 20 years ago found that the software and machines that were used in 2020 were unreliable in 2006. And yet, none of the liberals ever wanted to bring it up. They just found their way that they could cheat and kept it silent until they needed it in 2020.

    Powell has proof that the rigged voting machines are linked to Venezuelan dictator and enemy of the United States, Hugo Chavez. But everywhere the liberals were in control, there were problems because the software was manipulated to change the votes.

    The nasty media is trying to protect their criminal bosses by downplaying the evidence. They are hoping that the public opinion game can be won in order to affect a court decision. The fearful Democrats are running scared because Giuliani and Powell are leading the fight for honesty and integrity. These two things are lacking in every Democrat.

    Powell stated it best when she said, “I never say anything I can’t prove.” She focuses on revealing the truth and stopping other countries from tearing down the United States of America.


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