Crowd Wants To Throw Idaho Potatoes at Joe Biden


Creepy Joe Biden flew into Boise, Idaho thinking that he would be welcomed with a parade and massive cheers as he touched down. But what he found were thousands of people that had gathered to protest the old man’s COVID-19 rescue plan, the past election, and many other things that Biden has messed up.

Biden’s goal was to come to the state and announce that he was going to use what he calls his wartime law to fight the wildfires breaking out in three key states. He wanted to push his agenda and how his administration was going to power grab state agencies and dictated how they were going to move forward.

Brad Little is the Republican governor that has to put up with the old man and his wacky ideas. His arrival at the National Interagency Fire Center brought thousands out to protest his presidency. The fires create a massive problem for people, but Biden’s idea of the root cause is simply laughable. He would dictate that climate change is the reason for the fires. But history and science do not back up that theory.

One protestor named Lisa Mitchell came out and stated that she still believes the election was rigged. She went on to state, “I’m here to support Trump and stand for freedom. He is in there illegally,” speaking about Joe Biden. Her sentiments were shared by thousands of other people that did not want Biden coming to their state.

The Democrats continue to claim that there is no evidence of any fraud or otherwise questionable activity. They still believe that they could successfully cover up the cheats and methods to put their puppet in power. But continued pieces are coming to light that the Democrats did indeed do things that were against the law.

The peaceful protest was engaging. Their message was that the nation is in distress because Joe Biden is sitting at the steering wheel. Many of them carried upside-down flags, which is a signal for help because a person is in distress.

Biden planned to start with activating the Defense Production Act. This supposedly gives him the right to deploy resources to help fight the fires. The dry weather during fire season adds to the chaos when fired flare-up. Democrats believe that humanity can somehow control these elements, but that is wishful thinking at best. The climate takes care of itself, and Biden’s nothing will make that big of a difference.

Biden expected a big welcome, but all he got were angered protestors. The sad little man angered 100 million Americans when he ordered them to get the shot or face termination from their jobs.

Chris Burns was another protestor that showed up to protest Biden as a person. He said, “I’m against everything Biden is for. He’s acting like a dictator.” Biden’s dictatorship mentality is a response to his failures. He does not know how to fix his messes without making things worse, so he thinks bossing people around is the answer.

Many protestors believe that there is not a person alive who has the right to tell another human that they need to put something into their bodies. Michelle Ballon called Biden’s mandate “medical rape.” He is forcing himself on the people when they do not want him involved in their personal choices.

Several anti-Biden organizations also made their appearance to show their disdain for the old man. Biden indeed waited long enough to act as he cared about all the people losing everything because of the fires.

The country is in peril because of the harm that Biden has caused. He has shown more care about how he sniffs little girls than bringing all Americans home safely from Afghanistan. The crowd that showed up wanted to “uninvite” the president and send him packing.

Biden tried to make friends by saying, “It’s not a Democrat thing, it’s not a Republican thing, it’s a weather thing.” But no one cared. They just wanted him out of their state, and they wanted him out of the country.


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