Citizens Rebel Against Newsom Telling Him to Mask His Own Face


The only reason that COVID-19 is not disappearing from the country is that the power-hungry Democrats will not let it die. In every county and state where a Democrat sits on the throne of power, there has been a liberal induced lockdown put in place. It did not take long for the fearful leaders to resurrect a virus that had all but disappeared from the landscape.

November 21 was the day when several liberal run states strategically imposed new ordinances and lockdowns on the people. Newsom’s latest attempts to shut people down and make them subservient to his whims failed as tons of people moved out into the streets to protest his ridiculous rules. Laws that he feels are optional for himself.

The crazy Newsom put a 30-day lockdown on most of the state. For whatever reason, the governor believes that December 21 is that special day when the virus will undoubtedly disappear. So far, no tangible numbers have been published to warrant such extreme laws being put into place.

Newsom and his wife believe that they do not have to obey the rules. Instead, they felt it necessary to cater to a lobbyist that secretly funds his regime. Newsom and his wife were found sitting at a crowded table with no masks over their faces. Apparently, he believes that he does not have to remove his mask between bites. It is all about the mighty dollar for Newsom and what else he can get out of his lobbyist friend.

Newsom has lost all the respect of the people. The senseless orders to shut down power and now cover faces just does not sit well with the people. Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims stated that “We’ve got a lot of things to do, including taking guns away from gang members, stopping narcotic trafficking, and saving children from internet predators. We’re not gonna make criminals of normally law-abiding citizens.”

The police have better things to do than to run around and make sure no one is murdering a turkey this year. There are gang members on the streets armed with guns that they intend to shoot people with. There are people stranded on the side of the road that needs help before pulverizing by a passing car.

Private citizens took to the streets waving flags in support of President Trump. The displayed anti-Newsom signs. And some people in San Clemente, California, took it upon themselves to publicly burn masks while they changed “Burn that mask! Burn that mask!” The liberal run states are headed towards mini revolutions if their beloved liberal leaders do not stop stripping people’s freedoms.

Gavin Newsom has met his match. He can do the stupid things he is imposing on people because he has a liberal legislature behind him. The difference between these Trump supporters and the liberals is that there is no looting or criminal activity taking place.

Newsom’s fearful rant over COVId-19 is unjustified. The entire country is seeing high numbers. But those numbers are no different than the flu or the common cold. And one can only wonder if the COVID test is picking up every single variation of the virus that existed before the new strain showed up. If that is the case, then the common cold is being presented as a deadly wave.

A wave that has a 99 percent recovery rate. This virus is as friendly as a virus can get. But the liberals are telling people that they need to fear the sickness and not engage in the holidays this year. The people are being lied to on a monstrous level by the Democrats.

California has suffered all of 2020 with lockdowns, mask mandates, and many other insane rules. And it appears that none of the drastic measures even came close to helping contain the virus. There will be no peace as long as Gavin Newsom sits in a position of authority. The only way people can get on with the free lives is to give old Newsom the boot. More people are going to be looking for a way to get rid of the old man unless he stops living the socialist’s life.


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