China Gives Clear Picture of What Life in America Will Be Like Under Democratic Rule


    The Democratic Party wants control of the government to the point that they can pick and choose the people that they blame and punish for anything that is deemed criminal in the eyes of the liberal. Their ties to China only shows that they desire to rule and terrorize people as the red country does to its own people. And that is precisely what China is doing to one of their own people who sounded the alarm regarding COVID-19.

    The China virus was manufactured in China as a means for the communist nation to take a position of power in the world. In the process of developing the virus, the country has gone to great lengths to protect its image and keep information about the virus from the rest of the world.

    The Chinese even got the World Health Organization to look the other way and even makeup cover stories to protect its image. The WHO has the responsibility to alert nations of any potential pandemic level threats to the world. But this time, they failed in their duty because the communist regime was manipulating them.

    Now that the world knows China’s leadership lied about the transmission of the virus and its existence. They are trying to pin the blame on one person. And it should not surprise anyone that the person they are trying to blame was a hero that alerted the world to the coming pandemic.

    Zhang Zhan is the one that showed videos of hospitals being overcrowded and streets with no people in them because of the virus. She was arrested by the communists and thrown into prison for four years. She also posted videos of the place where the virus was developed. This place is where most of the intelligence agencies in the United States believe the virus came from.

    The communist leaders wanted the world to believe that everything was under control when it was not even close. This woman’s videos told an accurate tale of what was actually happening behind the red giant’s closed borders.

    Zhang’s mother stated that “I don’t understand. All she did was say a few true words, and for that, she got four years.” All she did was speak up and tell the truth. This same kind of control is what the Democrats seek to implement in America. They already have it on the streets when their thugs brutally assault people that rally peacefully and speaks their minds.

    Zhang’s trial was more than a trial. It was a statement and a warning to anyone who would dare speak out against China’s communist party. Her trial was held at a time when no one was around watching for violation of rights.

    China reported that Zhang was arrested for “spreading false information, giving interviews to foreign media, disrupting social order, and attacking the government.” The ones that should have been arrested are the leaders in China that lied to the world.

    Zhang’s lawyer stated that “When I met her days ago, her hands were tied to the waist and a nasogastric tube was inserted in her nose. She has a strong will.” Her captures were force-feeding her because she refused to eat in protest for the way she was treated for telling the truth.

    Zhang is not the first person to face trouble for telling the truth. Other reporters have turned up missing because they shared videos and published content that gave China a bad image. Fang Bin is a journalist that has not been seen or heard from since the pandemic drama started.

    Chen Quishi is another person that is being monitored, and he has not said a word since his arrest. And the list goes on and on.

    This is the kind of treatment and threats that the United States can expect if the Democratic Party is victorious in destroying all Americans’ rights to speak out. These are the things that will happen if the liberals can manipulate elections to their favor. President Trump is right in his fight to ensure that elections are kept safe and secure. And no amount of media silence will stop him from pursuing the matter to the very end.


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