Checking Those Sketchy COVID Numbers


    It is alarming to many people just how many citizens have been infected with COVID-19. The strange part about the numbers is that no one tells just how many people have fully recovered. The media needs to report on the entire picture in order to show how bad things really are. But they are afraid that the numbers of infected people would be low and would not cause massive fear with people.

    Low numbers do not make for good headlines. They would not cause people to panic buy certain supplies at the store. This means the media would not have the crazy stories they need to attract people to read their publications or watch their broadcasts.

    Doctors and officials believe that there are more people infected than what has been discovered. After all, there were reports of people having the virus before testing was even available. But now, some people do not want to get tested because they do not want to be subjected to forced quarantines.

    No one argues that an accurate count is needed. They argue about the accuracy of testing. Most people who get tested have to take a second test to ensure that they are no longer contagious. But those negative tests are not being added to another column to show just how many people have recovered.

    This means the media tells the world that there are 11 million cases of the virus still going around in America. But that is not true because those numbers span the entire year. This means that only a small handful of people have the virus.

    The lack of testing also shows that immunity is becoming a reality. The virus is not mutating as it was once thought. It seems to infect a person, and then that person can no longer catch it. So, at some point, the world will be immune to its effects.

    Many think that the slowing of the virus has only added to the length of time it remains. Some doctors believe that 90 percent of the country still needs to be exposed before things can return to normal. But that is only speculation. There is just not an effective method to guess the true number of infections that have taken place.

    One official named Amelia Apfel stated that “We start with death estimates, then work backward, using infection fatality ratios to estimate infections based on deaths.” But even that method has problems. They have to assume a specific death rate in order to come up with a number of infections. The virus has a 99.8 percent recovery rate. When that figure is used, the percentage of people exposed is a lot higher than 10 percent.

    Some officials are speculating that the test may not be as effective as they once thought. They believe that one out of three tests misses the infection. But once again, that is an unproven assumption that cannot be relied on.

    What is known is that there are locations that saw huge spikes, and then everything returned to normal. And there has not been a significant outbreak in those areas since the spike. This shows that immunity is happening.

    It is also being reported that people that have caught other forms of the coronavirus have built up an immunity to the COVID-19 version. This means that most people who catch a cold are not going to show the signs as much as a person who may not have been exposed to the cold. There are serious issues with what the media is reporting as the count of the virus.

    Some people have testified that they went in for a test and left before they were tested. But later in the week, they got a letter stating they were positive for the virus. They were identified as being infected without ever getting a test done.

    The media and the Democrats want high numbers, so they will do just about anything to make it happen. They need these numbers so they can control people and make decisions to destroy the country. President Trump was right when he stated that the virus is on its way out for good.


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