California Takes Page Out of Nazi Era and Bans Good Books


    California is under attack by a man that wants to rule as a dictator. Grasping Gavin Newsom is the socialist soon to be a dictator of California. His actions for the past year have selfishly hurt the people living in California. Newsom’s policies do not make very much sense as he bases them on how he feels at any particular moment. The way he rules is dictated by circumstance and not by fact.

    The unstable man has come out and supported many different things that dig their tentacles into socialism. This anti-American approach has led to others being empowered to change things to controversial approaches to teaching young people.

    Everyone knows that Nazi Germany and other communist nations censor and burn literature contrary to what they believe. The schools in Burbank, California, have started down that same path of banning books that students should read.

    The attack on the books To Kill a Mockingbird, Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Theodore Taylor’s The Cay, and Mildred D. Taylor’s Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, come from three people of color. They have their roots deep in the hateful teachings of liberalism and socialism.

    The three parents were concerned about the subject of race in these three novels. It becomes clear that all of them have no concept of the books and the time that they were written. They pushed to get the books removed because they wanted to protect 400 colored students who “might” be offended or “who may be hurt” or “upset” by what is written in the books.

    The overly protective racist parents do not allow these kids to learn from the past and enjoy novels from a different era. In a way, they are crippling them by not allowing the past experience to influence the future.  What these Black Lives Matter influencers are doing is taking the first step into a world of brainwashing kids to be that violent generation to follow in the footsteps of their paranoid mentors.

    It is hard to believe that educators are being pressured by an extreme minority of people who do not want the concept of race to be discussed. The only way for the racial attacks to stop is to educate people on the horrors of the past and teach them why specific actions are wrong. Shielding and sheltering kids from the past will not help them learn to be fair and honest as they grow up.

    The overprotecting parent of one kid said that her child was “literally traumatized.” Instead of helping the child through the event and being a parent to help them understand that mistakes were made in the past, they would instead make them learn in ignorance and not learn from the experience.

    These three parents might as well bubble wrap their kids and put helmets on them every day of their lives. Not every kid is going to get a trophy and be told they were winners when they lost the game. People learn more from failures than they do from anything else. To keep a kid from failure is to handicap them for life.

    In defense of the books, the NCAC and Pen America stated that “Each of the books in question deals with difficult subject matter from our country’s complicated and painful history, including systemic racism. Blocking engagement with these important books is also avoiding the important role that schools can and should play in providing context for why these books inspire and challenge us still today.”

    These books should be read and taught in such a way as to highlight the issues and teach for change that makes sense. The post-modern line of thought that anything one defines as truth is right will not work in American culture. One line of thought is correct, and it is the founding principles and ideals that America was founded on.

    People like Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom, and Nancy Pelosi seek to destroy those founding ideals. They want an America where they are in charge. They want to rule like dictators, kings, and even queens. But the majority of Americans do not want what they have to offer and need to fight back to keep the minority from taking over.


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