Biden’s Pick for Energy Secretary is the Biggest Conspiracy Theorist of Them All


    How is it that Joe Biden continues to make the worst choices for his cabinet? Forget about the fact that no one actually has experience for the positions they’re being chosen for. He’s choosing people that are literally causing waves in politics.

    What is all of this about unity if he can’t even choose an energy secretary with rational thoughts?

    Jennifer Granholm is Biden’s pick for the Department of Energy Secretary. Let’s take a look at Granholm’s history.

    She’s a Canadian who also served as the governor of Michigan for eight years. She’s been a lawyer and also authored a book with her husband. Where does her experience with energy come in? Oh, that’s right – she has none.

    What’s more alarming?

    Biden’s chosen yet another person who has no business filling the position that they’ve been given. There’s nothing in Granholm’s resume to say that she has any kind of experience dealing with energy. This is also the person who is going to be managing nuclear weapons.

    Remember that for the real reason why you may have heard of Jennifer Granholm.

    She’s one of the biggest conspiracy theorists in the country as it pertains to Trump and his relationship with Russia. Back in 2015, the former governor began tweeting about Trump being a “tool” of Vladimir Putin.

    Is this really the person we want to put in charge of the country’s nuclear arsenal?

    According to Granholm, when Trump didn’t want to release his tax returns in 2016, it meant that he must have had business deals with Russia.

    Isn’t that interesting? Yet, she doesn’t mind accepting a position in the cabinet of a president whose son has actual, legitimate business deals with Ukraine and China.

    When Trump beat Clinton during the general elections, it clearly wasn’t because it was the will of the American people – she suggested that the only way that he was able to get in was because of help from Russia.

    She’s clearly delusional. She’s spinning conspiracy theories left and right about Trump – and continues to call him out on Twitter.

    Ha, and the president-elect who keeps talking about unity chooses the biggest conspiracy theorist on Twitter to be the one to hold the nuclear weapons. It’s as if this isn’t even real life anymore.

    Is Biden trying to go down in history for picking the worst possible candidates in his cabinet? The only thing that we can hope for is that the Senate laughs at his selections and sends him back to his office to try again.

    It isn’t as if Granholm was only cooking up conspiracy theories during the 2016 elections, either. She’s continued for quite some time.

    In 2018, she appeared on CNN and blamed that Russian interference was why Clinton didn’t win the election. She also claimed that if certain individuals didn’t do well in congressional elections, it would be as a result of Russia, too.

    She’s very quick to blame Russia for anything having to do with the GOP coming into power. It couldn’t possibly be that the Democratic party is inadequate. The Democrats continue to shift to be crazier, err, more progressive each year – and that scares a lot of voters because they want to maintain democracy and capitalism.

    Her madness continued into 2019 when Trump shared a photo of meeting with a Russian ambassador in the Oval Office with her claim of “love for Putin.” She wanted to know why both men were smiling. Apparently, in her delusional mind, you don’t smile for photos and you don’t practice good international relations with all countries, not just the ones that are allies.

    With Putin saying that he’s looking forward to collaborating with Biden, who knows what Granholm will do. The Secret Service better prepared to take her down when she comes running at Putin in the White House with all of her conspiracy theories in tow.

    Yeah, and she’s the one in charge of our nuclear weapons. This sounds like an accident waiting to happen.


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