Biden Proposes a $34 Billion Gun Tax…How Does $200 per Weapon for the One’s You Already Own Sound?…You Better Read This


Thirty-two percent of Americans own at least one firearm, and 44% live in a household where at least one gun is present. The figures may vary slightly depending on where you look, but one way or the other, that’s a whole bunch of firepower.

According to the Second Amendment, unless you’re a convicted felon, you’re allowed to own them. As many as you want without fear of repercussion. But President-elect Joe Biden feels American’s should be penalized for the privilege of owning what the Constitution already gives them full permission to have.

Despite the man being older than time, he wasn’t there to give his opinion when Thomas Jefferson and the boys signed the most important document in America on the dotted line. And somewhere in all of that rigmarole, it says it can’t be changed. By anyone.

Even so, Biden is pushing ahead with his plan to lay additional taxes on not only newly purchased guns but also on the ones people already own if they want to keep them.

Biden’s gun-tax plan would cost everyday hard-working Americans in excess of $34-billion. $34-billion! Coming out of our pockets. With reference to new sales only, approximately 20 million rifles and 150 million ammunition magazines would be banned and stripped from store shelves.

NSSF spokesperson Mark Oliva said, “I think if Biden and his team were smart, they would look at those numbers and get an idea of where America stands on gun ownership and gun rights.” Biden will in no uncertain terms meet an alarming amount of resistance.

In addition to the tax on already owned guns, Jo-Jo, in no uncertain terms, will ban the sale of new AR-15 rifles, and all other weapons with a capacity of 10 rounds or more. This will have a devastating impact on the industry as magazines of this size come standard with most handguns and rifles.

Depending on what certain gun owners already have in their possession, some of them would be paid to surrender their weapons. Those who refuse let loose of them will be required to re-register the guns under the National Firearms Act to the tune of $200 per weapon. They’re going to refer to it as a “tax stamp.”

Nearly half of all of the rifles manufactured in 2018 will fall victim to the new guidelines. The most recent Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Explosive manufacturer report is dated 2018, and since that time AR-15’s and other high-capacity type weapons have experienced tremendous growth in popularity.

“That manufacturer’s report comes out [with] an 18 to 24-month delay. That number is probably significantly higher now.” Oliva said. As evidence, he referenced record sales in 2020. He indicated how the firearms Biden will ban are only popular because of their effectiveness for home defense, hunting, sport shooting, and their modularity and customizability.

The total number of firearms, whether imported or domestically manufactured, on the American market between 1991 and 2019 equaled roughly 214 million. This should serve as enough evidence for Biden to see how America has no interest in stricter laws or gun control. Whatsoever.

“America’s attitude on gun control is shifting more toward the idea that we need to protect our rights and away from the idea we need government control of our destiny,” Oliva added.

Because the Biden campaign refuses to further discuss or debate their boss’s plans, it isn’t clear if Biden has the slightest inkling of the ensuing battle he’s about to face. But he’s about to find out.

One thing we can all be assured of though, if Biden is successful at whittling away at our rights and freedoms, as is his apparent intent, he will cement his legacy as having been the most unpopular President in American history. Bar none.


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