Biden Chooses Diversity Over Experience for HHS Secretary Pick


Each and every person in the presidential cabinet should be the best in the industry. After all, they’re responsible for leading the executive branch toward excellence.

What happens when the president-elect doesn’t choose excellence, however? What happens when it becomes a game about checking boxes toward diversity without looking at their resume?

That’s when we end up with the Health and Human Services Secretary becoming Xavier Becerra, the California Attorney General. Joe Biden has recently announced that Becerra is the pick for the HHS Cabinet Secretary position.

The person that holds the HHS Secretary position should be someone who has a strong background in medicine and pharmaceuticals. They’ll be the one advising the president on all things related to health and welfare, after all.

Xavier Becerra doesn’t have a medical degree. He’s never worked in a medical facility. Instead, he holds a law degree.

What does a lawyer know about being the HHS Secretary? Not a darn thing.

So, why did Biden choose Becerra for this very important position instead of choosing from hundreds of others with better qualifications?

It appears that Becerra was a cabinet choice that Biden didn’t make it all. Perhaps Biden has been listening to some of the progressive voices that stand behind him.

Becerra has a long history of pursuing progressive policies – and he’s helped the state of California sue the Trump administration over 100 times.

Xavier Becerra is the son of working-class Mexican immigrants. He checks a box for diversity so that Biden can show off the incredible magnitude in his cabinet – regardless of whether the people holding those positions are qualified to do so or not.

Becerra is most certainly a qualified lawyer. If he were chosen to be the Attorney General or something to deal with law, there would be no arguments. However, he was chosen to lead over Health & Human Services – and in this area, he’s no more than a social justice warrior.

Becerra has done nothing more than question almost everything that has come out of the Trump administration over the last four years. He challenged rules on immigration, the environment, online classes, and even providing contraceptives for employees.

What can we expect under Becerra as the head of the HHS? Nothing good.

One of the higher-profile lawsuits that Becerra led California on was to sue HHS that allowed private organizations and companies to be exempt from providing contraceptives to owners if it went against their faith.

Becerra believed that it was illegal to allow religious beliefs to trump secular beliefs.

So, that’s what we get to look forward to under Biden’s administration. He’s chosen a person to be the HHS Secretary who believes that the country should be entirely secular in their beliefs. If that’s how Becerra feels about contraceptives, it’s very clear that he’s pro-abortion, too.

Everything that Biden said about being Catholic was a way to get the votes. He wanted to prove that he was a moderate Democrat by using his Christian card. However, choosing Becerra is proof that it was all a lie – and the Catholic Church has already called him out on it.

Abortion. The loss of religious freedom. Contraceptives to all. There are so many things that are Christian and at the very root of who we are as a country. Yet, something as simple as choosing a progressive social justice warrior for the HHS cabinet slot will send all of that crashing down.

Becerra is also in favor of the Affordable Care Act – the worst thing to ever happen to the healthcare system. While the healthcare system has never been amazing, what Obama did left many people paying hundreds of dollars more while still leaving countless Americans without healthcare.

Even progressive Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to cry about how poor the healthcare system is, so clearly, the ACA is not what we need. Yet Becerra wants to defend it.

Senator Tom Cotton may be our only hope, tweeting that he’ll be rejecting Becerra as Biden’s cabinet pick because he’s “spent his career attacking pro-life Americans” and that “he is unqualified to lead HHS.”


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