Artemis Creates the Opportunity for Veterans to Walk on the Moon


    NASA is moon-bound yet again – and the goal is to get there by 2024. The team of 18 astronauts has been announced, with 10 of them being active-duty military.

    The Artemis program is exciting news for anyone who is interested in space travel. The announcement of the men and women chosen to spearhead the program was announced by Vice President Mike Pence at the Kennedy Space Center.

    All four branches of the military are represented within the Artemis team. It also showcases some of the unique career fields offered by the U.S. military – a submarine officer, a test pilot, a flight surgeon, and a Navy SEAL.

    The Artemis Team is already being touted as the “future of American space exploration.” Among those that are headed to the moon will also be the first female to ever set foot on the moon.

    NASA posted a video to their Twitter feed, too, to introduce the Artemis team. The idea was to show how the “wonders of the solar system” can be shared – and that includes exploring how humanity can “live on the moon, Mars, and other worlds.”

    Artemis is definitely a collective endeavor. While NASA is taking the lead, there are various companies, industries, organizations, and countries involved.

    They’re going to the moon as a way to learn how to make life on other planets work – and the fact that members of the military get to be involved is one of the most exciting announcements. History is being made.

    Who will be the first woman to walk on the moon? This is yet to be decided, but of the nine women serving on the team, four are actively serving in the U.S. military. It’s exciting – and every woman who is a part of the Artemis team is excited about the possibilities.

    Navy Lt. Commander Kayla Barron said, “Reflecting on all the incredible women at NASA who came before me… it’s kind of the logical conclusion of all those accomplishments that the next time we go to the moon, a woman will be on that crew.”

    Barron has had a number of accomplishments, including being a member of the first Naval Academy class where women were able to enter the submarine force. Her work in ballistic missile submarine, Maine, is what made her realize that she wanted to be an astronaut.

    The Artemis astronauts are made up of the best of the best. Nine have already flown in space, which means they’ll be bringing the experience to the team. Of these, Christina Hammock Koch will be on the team – and she’s the record holder for being the woman with the most days in space – 328 days along with six spacewalks.

    It’s all mission-focused. It’s the belief that there’s the ability to make a difference in future generations. As Air Force Col. Raja Chari says, “They’re here because they believe in the mission.” Chari said that many of the people in NASA are similar to those in the Air Force. They know they could make a lot more money elsewhere. However, they choose to say because of the mission – and this is the unity found within the Artemis Team.

    For the next three years, the astronauts on the team will be training, testing, and designing the equipment that will be used to not only land on the moon but also allow them to live there for extended periods of time.

    The astronauts that have been chosen to be a part of the Artemis Team are the best in their fields. It helps to show the commitment and excellence that is found within the U.S. military as well as within NASA.

    Those that are in the military have expressed a significant amount of gratitude to their service branch for the opportunities given to them.

    While approximately one percent of Americans serve in the military, proving that they are capable of heading to space may lead to more wanting to join and explore the opportunities for themselves.


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