Americans Fighting Back Against Anti-Turkey Leftists That Want to Kill the Holidays


    Rational Americans no longer support the second round of lockdowns that health officials once praised. The dumb liberals tried their best to brainwash and misinform the country regarding the truth behind COVID-19.

    All of their efforts failed to get the fearful results they were hoping for. They wanted all Americans to embrace another set of lockdowns. They hoped people would run to their homes and lock their doors.

    But what they got instead was a resolution from millions of people that they are not going to comply. People have had enough of the lies from the left. Any and all lockdown orders are being met with protests and a willful disregard for the rules imposed on by the Democrats. America is the home of the brave and the land of the free. No one is going to take that away from the people that work hard to keep America great.

    The liberals are claiming that there is a new surge of COVID-19 outbreaks sweeping the country. Some might just say that it is the cold coming around for its seasonal appearance. But that has not stopped the liberals from overreacting and locking down their states.

    The protests that are happening may abide by some of the regulations but ultimately will end with millions of people all over the country telling their liberal dogs that they are not going to comply with this round of shutdowns. They have not proven to the people that there is a need for such drastic measures.

    The virus has a 99 percent recovery rating. That means that it is not anywhere near the death maker that the liberals are trying to make it out to be. A very small number of people will need emergency services, but that is no different from if the flu caused the issue. Most of these people are already sick and needed treatment that they could not get while in lockdown.

    The Democrats are telling people not. To gather together in large crowds. A warning that was mysteriously missing during the first round of lockdowns when their BLM buddies killed many and looted more stores than ever. In fact, the liberal leaders simply praised them for their crimes and fully endorsed them.

    But now that the conservatives are peacefully protesting, the warning to cover up and disperse is all over the lips of the left. Many law enforcement agencies have turned their noses up at the orders given by the governors. They just cannot lawfully justify arresting law-abiding citizens because they have a turkey on their table.

    Hundreds of years ago, people left England’s tyranny and made their way to a land where they could be free. And the descendants of those people are not going to let a new breed of dictators take that freedom away from them. The United States was founded for the people and is run by the people. It is not run by a bunch of whiny babies that are not getting the power they want to control people’s lives.

    The sick beliefs of the liberals are what is poisoning the country. They believe that all religions should be outlawed, and conservatives hunted like animals. This belief is no different than the horrors of the past.

    But the liberals are erasing the past, so no one will lever know the murders that were committed by liberals trying to control people. It got to the point that people were murdered for not obeying the legalistic rule of the loony left.

    President Trump has no intention of conceding an election that he knows was rigged by criminals. The proof of the left’s fraud is sticking to the liberal’s neck. It will be the noose that chokes them to death.

    The turkey will get its pardon this year, and Americans will live free despite the attempts by power-hungry lunatics to emancipate a dead turkey from the tables all across the country. There are no words left to describe the lunacy of the Democratic Party. They have committed just about every intolerable act against people. Their reign of terror is coming to an end as the majority of the country tells them, no, and they continue to live free.


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