All I Want for Christmas is a Clean Heroin Needle…and Other Songs Sung by Liberals


    The United States has a drug problem. The leading cause of death for those under the age of 50 is an accidental drug overdose. Tens of thousands of people die every year because of drugs.

    What are Democrats doing about the problem? They’re adding to the problem.

    Liberals all over the country are singing about needle exchange programs, making it easier for heroin addicts to shoot up without the risk of infection. Those in Indiana may be singing the loudest – especially as Tippecanoe County votes to extend their program for another two years.

    Why are we helping heroin addicts to shoot up? Forget about the dangers of heroin and, oh year, it’s illegal. There are nine counties in Indiana with a program that offers clean needles and kits to drug users. The thought process is that it will help to keep HIV, Hep C, and other diseases at bay.

    However, providing clean needles and kits don’t really help when it comes to the physical dependence that is formed among heroin users. It also creates long-term hormonal and neural imbalances.

    But, hey, the liberals are all in favor of these programs – and they’ll pay for more of them as they drastically cut police budgets all around the country.

    The liberals aren’t just singing about heroin needles. They want to deck the halls with boughs of cannabis, too. There’s a bigger push than ever to legalize marijuana across more states – and the progressives in Congress want to make a push to legalize it on a federal level.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Let’s give everyone access to every illegal drug out there. Marijuana is addictive, and there are so many long-term side effects that have not been fully researched. While there may be medicinal value, offering it recreationally leads to even more problems.

    The liberals would love to see a white Christmas, too – think about all of the chalk (hot ice, meth, whatever you want to call it) that could be out on the streets. Oregon has already chosen to decriminalize the possession of all illegal drugs. Oh, so you have a bit of meth on you? No biggie. It’s illegal, but cops in Oregon can’t arrest you for it.

    They might as well go ahead and legalize it, then.

    Seriously, what are the liberals thinking? What kind of tunes are these to sing all the way to Capitol Hill? Aren’t we supposed to be protecting Americans and taking an active approach to prevent drug addiction? The only thing the Democrats are going to do is cause more people to suffer from addictions – and then milk the health systems dry because of all of the people who will need active support to overcome the addictions.

    Great plan – and somehow, the liberals don’t see a flaw within their logic. They’re not only allowing the drugs to hit the streets, but they’re also becoming enablers. Oh, you need some clean needles? Here you go. Would you like a wrapper for your weed? We’ve got you. Perhaps you need a glass of water to swallow some meth? Not a problem, the health clinic on the corner is handing out bottles to help out.

    Oh, it will never come to that. Won’t it, though? The liberals have already dragged the country halfway there. There’s not much left to do before there’s an irreversible drug crisis in the country.

    The Democratic Party believes that they’re helping the country to get what they want. No one wants to be strung out on methamphetamine. No one wants to hallucinate their way into an early grave.

    It’s up to the Republicans to put an end to the caroling for constant legislation that puts more drugs on the streets while preventing the police from making it a crime. Enough is enough. No, you can’t have a clean needle and no, we won’t federally legalize marijuana.


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