A Sign of the Times? Minority Engagement Dramatically Expanded GOP’s Base


    Now that President Trump has forever changed the Republican party, it is time to take a step back and take stock of things. The face and base of the party do not look the same way that they did four years ago. Now, the party is far more diverse than anyone would be willing to admit (on the left side of the aisle).

    The Republicans have been welcoming all of the new voters with open arms. As Republican National Committee Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel remains committed to these goals. She says that she has made the decision to follow President Trump’s lead when it comes to further engagement of minority voters. McDaniel got more in-depth on the matter during a recent op-ed that she wrote for Fox News.

    It’s a great read and it’s filled with all sorts of incredible insights. She knows that these efforts are sincere and thoughtful in nature. President Trump knew that the party would need to reach out to voters who are not always considered in the manner that they should be. If the party did not choose to actively campaign for these voters, McDaniel worried that the GOP would not be able to make as strong of a case as they could otherwise.

    Trump worked in a bipartisan manner, in hopes of getting things done and helping out all of the Americans who are in need. Black voter engagement has always been a point of emphasis for the GOP and having a president who is truly committed to that task is very important. McDaniel spoke glowingly of the multi-million-dollar comprehensive Black engagement strategy.

    Paid canvassing worked wonders in this instance. “We invested in 15 Black Voices for Trump Community Centers in Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Florida. We hired full-time staff in each of these states to work as our Black Voices for Trump Community Engagement Coordinators,” McDaniel continued in her piece.

    McDaniel went on to point out the higher number of black voters that Trump delivered this time around. “Back in 2016, President Trumped earned 8 percent of the Black vote, which was better than our previous two Republican nominees. According to 2020 exit polling, President Trump boosted his support from Black voters to 12 percent and more than doubled his support with Black women to 9 percent,” she crowed.

    However, she was quick to note that the votes did not come his way because of any sort of chicanery. The Trump voters were not swayed by false promises, they were swayed by the four years of tireless work that the president has done to assist them. McDaniel was sure to get specific about the changes that were made.

    “Supporting HBCUs, school choice, criminal justice, and licensure reform, lowering taxes and reducing regulations on small businesses coupled with his Black Economic Empowerment Platinum Plan for the second term truly made an impact,” she says. The GOP also worked tirelessly to amplify the message was sending and McDaniel credited the party as a whole for all of the efforts that they put in.

    The party was also praised for what they accomplished in the Senate. “The RNC highlighted our impressive group of Black Republican candidates for Congress and I am proud to see Byron Donalds (FL-19) and Burgess Owens (UT-04) on their way to the U.S. House of Representatives, along with numerous other Black Republicans who won their down-ballot races,” said McDaniel. The party’s efforts weren’t limited to the black community, though.

    “The RNC backed up President Trump’s winning record for Hispanic American economic empowerment and standing up to socialism with a historic outreach effort. This included opening 17 Latino Voices for Trump community centers and booking more than 1,300 interviews for RNC officials and surrogates on Hispanic TV and radio stations across the country,” McDaniel said.

    Most importantly, she concluded by telling us what an honor and joy it was to work alongside the rest of the GOP. She believes that Trump offers an inclusive form of leadership and that things are only going to get better from here. Finally, some good news!


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